December 13, 2011

Extension of the house for the Ćetković family

We are happy to announce that the project of extension of the house for the Ćetković family from the village Peljave, Lopare municipality (Republic of Srpska) is in progress, and that the charity organization Nemanjići-Tićino joined the action by donating 794 CHF.
A six-member family Ćetković lives in an unfinished house, in two rooms, which are very cold due to the bad isolation and concrete floor, and they don't even have a bathroom nor the water in the house.
We use this opportunity to call all the people of good will, socially responsible companies, other NGO and institutions to join us in this action, and thus help the humble and hardworking family Ćetković to get its home and the conditions to live with dignity.

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