February 24, 2014

Evening of the charity pancakes in Thun

After almost a year, charity pancake party has been organized in Thun in the organization of the organization Serbs for Serbs from Switzerland and the restaurant Stürredli. The guests came from Zurich, Geneva, San Gallen and Fribourg, which gave us great joy, bearing in mind the distance and bad weather conditions, which didn't stop them from coming and supporting our work. We raised a total of 1.260 CHF, which would be used for the regular activities of our organization.

We prepared more than 300 pancakes! We owe special thank to Mica and Mira, the owners of the restaurant, as well as all the guests who support us regulary.

We use this opportunity to call upon all Serbs from Switzerland to gather around the projects of helping the endangered families accross Balkan in even greater number.

Children are our future!

Dusan Djakovic  

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