December 13, 2011

Emergency Sirens Announce Christmas!

History repeats itself indeed! The Serbian people in the 21st century are struggling for their existence and survival. Emergency sirens all over Kosovo and Metohija, Serbs being shot and killed, baricades, threats in the Raška area, assimilation and terror in Old Serbia (Macedonia) and Serbian Krajina, montenegrization in Montenegro, everyday pressures in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Repbulic of Srpska... famine, helplessness, white plague and reliance on destiny is a common ground for the Serbian people in the Balkan. And Christmas, one of the greatest christian holidays is ahead of us...
In the greatest charity action so far, Emergency Sirens Announce Christmas, the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs calls upon all donors, members and friends all over the world to support this action, and to make a humble donation, in order to enable the poor, multi-member Serbian families to celebrate the holiday of the birth of Christ in joy. The Great Christmas action will be conducted throughout the Balkans, in the places where the families need help.
We use this opportunity to call upon fraternal charities, social and church organizations to join us, to support us, and to organize amongst themselves and start collecting donations for the forthcoming Christmas action.
The action of raising the money, in which our goal is to collect 20,000 EUR, will occur in December 2011 and January 2012. We will use the funds to provide help for a great number of families, and above all, children.
We would also like to call on all of the media, electronic, print, internet, radio and any other mediatypeto broadcast this communication fromour organization, and thus enable the broadcastingof our appeal throughout the world as soon as possible.
All the plans, actions and financial reports for delivered help will be, as they have been thus far, available onthe ofiicial website of our organization:, and on the website of our branch in USA:
There are several ways to make a donation:
- dinar account in Serbia: 160-279491-71, Banca Intesa, Belgrade;
- foreign currency account in Serbia:  IBAN: RS35160005080002381269, SWIFT: DBDBRSBG, Customer: Srbi za Srbe;
- PayPal system for Europe:;
- PayPal system for;
- Moneybookers system:;
- Alert Paysystem, on e-mail:;
- account for the European Union in Austria: Account: 10364339, BLZ: 32000
- account for the European Union: IBAN: T973200000010364339, SWIFT: RLNWATWW, Customer: Serben fur Serben, Raiffeisen Bank, Stadtpark 9, A-1030 Wien, Austria;
- account in Switzerland: Account: 85-419625-6, IBAN: CH4609000000854196256, SWIFT: POFICHBEXXX, Customer: Serben fur Serben
- Western Union system:
You can contact a representative of the organization by e-mail: onSkype: szsbeograd.
Children are our future!
With faith in God,
Charity organization Serbs for Serbs

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