September 16, 2010

We continue the project for Ekmečić family

After we successfully completed project buying a family house in village Ravno Selo, Vrbas for Danjek falimy, humanitarian organizations Serbs for Serbs continue with a gradual implementation of large projects, because of its huge financial needs it require a certain amount of time to complete. Next big project is to help with the purchase of tractors and machinery for cultivating the land for the family Ekmečić Prebilovci in Herzegovina.

Currently we collected 800 Euros for this project, this month we will add another 400 Euros in a special fund our organization for this project. It currently comprises a total of 1,200 Euros collected. The general goal is to collect 9,000 Euros with which would certainly provide an excellent tractor. After that order, in cooperation with the family, local businesses and our donors throughout the world tried to assist in providing additional Ekmečić machinery necessary to process a large area of land currently in the weeds and not in use. All owners of land in Prebilovci willing to give their land to the use and processing to Ekmečić without having (or almost no) conditions.

This is so far the largest and financially most demanding project that we started. All projects so far have been successfully implemented before schedule, and so with God's help we believe that and this grand project will successfully brought to an end.

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