May 23, 2012

Easter SfS action in Krajina

Report: Predrag Marinkovic /SERBIAN REPORT/ /BILLS/ /PHOTO GALLERY/
Within the new Easter action in Serbian Krajina, under the name „For the Resurrection of Krajina“, the representatives of the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs, together with their friends, visited 13 endangered families in Dalmacija and Lika. Our friends from the Citizen’s initiative from Vukovar joined the action, and provided more than 50 packages of toys, sweets and school equipment for the children from Krajina. We owe great thank for help in the preparation and realization of the action to the brotherhood of the monastery Krk, and the clergy of eparchies from Dalmacija and Gornji-Karlovci. We should emphasize that we were the guests of the episcope of Dalmacija, Fotije, who gave his support to the activities of the organization. We planned to spent nearly 14,000 EUR for this action. Apart from the help we dedicated for each family, we also gave them the sanctified icon of Saint Sava, a gift from our friends of the International public fund of the unity of Orthodox nations, and several books of Orthodox literature.
The help, which will be delivered in the following days and weeks, consists of the following:
·         6 sheep
·         a cow and a calf
·         construction material
·         3 tillers
·         welding aparat
·         minor tools
·         wood-burning stove
·         freezer
·         fertilizer
·         3 double decker beds
·         10 beds
·         3 double closets
·         14 chairs
·         16 mattresses
We commenced a three-day action by visiting a three-member returnee family of Rade Bogunović in Donja Suvaja (Lika). Half a year ago, the family decided to come back to their village, and try to grow cattle, in order to make better living conditions for the survival under the difficult circumstances. Our organization decided to help them by bringing 6 sheep for them.
The main part of the action was conducted in Kistanje, that is, in the surrounding villages, where the Serbian families try to survive as the citizens of the second order. Apart from the existential problems, they suffer the tension caused by a group of so called Janjevci (Croats from Kosovo and Metohija), which was settled there after the expel of the Serbs in 1995.The social and spiritual center of the Serbs in this area is the monastery of Saint Archangel Mihailo near Krka, built in the 14th century, and the center of one of the seminaries. The brotherhood of the monastery is doing its best to help the people. The monastery employes 15-20 people, and thus enables them their only income. It looks like the political parties of the Serbs have the same disease in the Balkans, including Croatia. They seek power, and cooperate with those who have expelled them over a decade ago, while the returnees are on the edge of their existence. Fortunatelyfor the Serbian people, the monastery Krka is helping them.

The first family we visited in the area is a family of Nebojša and Suzana Štrbac, and their four children (Jelena 14, Milica 13, Lazar 11 and Marija 11). The family currently lives in the house of their relatives, and the new house is being built for them by the state. Considering that fact, we decided to get them 2 beds and 6 chairs, and a welding aparat.
After family Štrbac, we visited family Šorgić, which we met three years ago. Little has changed since our last visit. They still live in a dilapidated house without bathroom. The house is not in their ownership. They have four daughters (Andreja 16, Aleksandra 12, Mirjana 10 and Ivana 9), so we decided to get them four chairs, a double-decker bed and a closet.
The next family we visited was the family of Neđa and Milena Bjelanović and their three children (Aleksandar 6, Sara 4, and Jovana 2). This pious family, which we met on a Sunday liturgy in the monastery Krka is trying to adapt a larger object next to the small room in which they all live. If they could adapt the object, the family would have adequate living conditions. In the next period we will deliver them the construction material in the value of about 2,200 EUR, which will help in providing decent conditions for the children.
After that we went to the family of Željko and Radmila Radić and their four children (Stefan 12, Ivana 10, Sandra 4 and Ivona 1). Like other families, the Radić family is living on the social benefit. They asked for a tiller, so that they could work on their estate. We decided to get them one, and also to get them a double-decker bed and a closet.
We continued to the family Tišma, consisting of the parents Zdravko and Mirjana, and their four children (Milan 24, Aleksandra 21, Stevan 14 and Ljubomir 17). Like the family Bjelanović, this family also has problems with the accomodation. Although the children are grown up, this six-year family lives in two rooms. Father Zdravko is a disabled person (he doesn't have a leg), which makes their situation even more difficult. In spite of his condition, Zdravko isn't mourning because of his destiny, but he makes wooden objects, which he sometimes manages to sell. We decided to provide them the construction material in the amount of about 1,500 EUR, for the construction of the plate above the three unfinished rooms, which should significantly improve their living conditions. Apart from that, father Zdravko asked us to bring him the cutting tool, in order to make new wooden pieces and bring additional income to his family.
We finished the action in Kistanje by visiting the family of Veljko and Sretana Vujasinović. The family has three sons (Stefan 20, Branislav 14 and Čedomir 11). They asked us to get them a tiller, which they need in the vineyards. We will also provide three beds for family Vujasinović.
The following day we continued the action in Obrovac, by visiting the eight-member family of Trivun and Radmila Baljak, who have six minor children (Petar 17, Branko 15, Milana 13, Božidar 11, Biljana 10 and Željko 8), which is truly rare in the difuse Serbian population in Krajina. The family lives in difficult conditions. A delegation of children welcomed us in front of the house, and they were thrilled to get a cow (1,000 EUR), which we provided for them. We were all happy to hear that the cow calved a few days upon the arrival, so the humble cattle fund of the family became bigger. This family has great hopes in the cow, which should give milk for the children. We also planed to get them a freezer.
After that we went to Donji Karin, to visit the family of Đuro Bogunović. He is a single father, and lives with four children (Igor 9, Nikola 8, Lidija 6, Matej 5), which reminded us of the life of many families in Kosovo and Metohija. Their stone house is decrepit, and it has no bathroom. A while ago the wife and the mother left the family, and left Đuro with no income, to take care of four children. Đuro asked us to get him a tiller, to cultivate his and neighbor land, and thus provide the income for the family.
The next family we visited was the family of Milan and Slavica Vuletić from Kula Atlagića, and their four children (Miloš 15, Mladen 9, Nikolina 1 and Vlada 3 months old). They live in the similar conditions like the family Bogunović. Milan is a war-disabled person. We will provide a wood-burning stove, and 4 chairs for this family.
The last place in Dalmacija we visited during the action, is a small village Smilčić, in which we visited two families. The first one is a family of a single mother Vesna Olujić, who lives with two children (Vasilije 12 and Marinko 10) in the new apartment, which they got as a replacement for the burned house in which they lived before the war. The apartment is partly equiped, so we provided a combined refrigerator for them.
Upon the recomendation of a local priest, who helped us in finding the families from this area, we also visited another family, whom we didn't plan to help. It was the family of Todor and Anita Šušak, who have two children (Stefani 7 and Aleksa 4). This family is special, because they have recently returned to their home after nine years in USA. They returned from the illusory social and economic security in USA to their home into the uncertain future. Todor started to grow fruit, which should give the results soon. We all saw the knowledge and great courage in Todor. He promised he would employ people from the surrounding villages on the plantages. We decided to get him a fertilizer for the plantages.
Upon the return, we stopped by at our old friends in Korenica (Lika), where we agreed the delivery of the furniture for the families in Dalmacija. We also heard of the death of the father Sava Marinković, whose family we helped two years ago. Sava has two minor children, who lived with him until his death. The social service threatenedto take away the children and send them to the Croatian family. The first neighbor decided to adopt the children and take care of them, which proves the nobleness of the Serbian people. It is more than humane, and we were all touched. That neighbor doesn't have good conditions for those two children, so we decided to get him two beds and a closet.
After months of planning, Easter action in Krajina was carried out up to half, and we expect to finish the action during the following month, as planed. We hope that the help we provided would be sufficient to the families, and to the benefit of the local Serbian community, where possible. Above all, we expect that the visit and the help we delivered preserve the families in the old Serbian land, and that Serbian Krajina regain its glory with the help of the Eparchies of the Serbian Orthodox Church, many organizations like ours, and the individuals. With faith and hope that our action will be a bright example to all who carry Serbdom and Krajina in their hearts, we must again emphasize the problems of the returnee families, and to state that the Serbian people still exists. We must not only remember it, but also help it with all our hearts.
Krajina will live!
With faith in God!

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