May 09, 2015

Easter SFS action in Krajina

Thanks to the donors of the Charity organization SERBS FOR SERBS and all those who follow and support the work of the organization, at the end of April, the biggest action in Krajina was finished successfully. 29 families were helped and the value of the aid was over 35,000 Euros! We also owe big gratitude to the priesthood of the Dalmatia and Upper Karlovac Dioceses of the Serbian Orthodox Church.


We started our three-day journey in Dalmatia, where we helped 15 families. First we went to the primary school in Zegar and played football with the nine children currently attending the school, and there were about 900 of them before the war.

Soon after we left Zegar, we arrived in the village of Orlic, where we visited the four-member family, consisting of Zoran Cetnik and Ratka Bjelan, and the children, Ratko (10), from Ratka’s first marriage, and Ilijana (9 months old). We provided this family with a sofa bed, a stove with several kitchen cabinets and a grass trimmer.

Serbs for Serbs with the Cetnik family

In Markovac, near Knin, we visited the Simic family, consisting of the parents, Mario and Tatjana, and their children, Marijana (6) and Jovan (8 months old). We provided them with balcony doors and windows.

The Simic family was provided with balcony doors and windows

The next family we visited lives in the vicinity of Knin, in a place called Kovacic, and consists of the parents, Davor and Svetlana Trtica, and their daughter, Romana (21). We provided 4 windows and a front door.

A front door and windows for the Trtica family

In the same village, we visited the Gajer family, consisting of the parents, Sladjan and Nevena and their children, Branko (16) and Milica (8). We provided them with a used motocultivator, which they can use to cultivate a small patch of land they own, but Sladjan can also use it to earn a daily wage.

Motocultivator for the Gajer family

The next family also living in Kovacic is the Medakovic family and consists of the parents, Mico and Nikolina, and the children, Nikola (18), Milos (17), Pantelija (16) and Grigorije (4). This family was provided with a better and stronger motocultivator (used) with a trailer and a plow, and they can use it for wood transport and land cultivating.

Valuable aid for the Medakovic family

After that, we went to Knin to visit the Sinobad family, consisting of the parents, Nebojsa and Ksenija and their children, Mihajlo (16), Jovan (10) and Vasilije (4). We bought them a circular saw and washing machine.

Circular saw for the Sinobad family

Also in Knin, we helped the Loncar family, consisting of the parents, Predrag and Nikolina, and their children, Milica (6), Nikola (5) and Jovan (3). We also provided this family with such aid that will help them support themselves, and that is a chainsaw and a welding machine.  

The Loncar family was also provided with a used gas electric combination stove, wood-burning stove and sink.

The Loncar family, talking to the SFS

View from the Knin fortress

After visiting the Knin fortress, we arrived to Ivosevci (Gornje Tisme), near Kistanje. Here we helped the Milinkovic family, consisting of the parents, Rade and Milka, and their children, Borislav (19) and Bojana (5). They breed cattle and also produce and sell dairy products, so we bought them a used tractor, which will be enable them to provide food for the cattle and do different agricultural works, for themselves and others, and thus earn some extra income.

The Milinkovic family was provided with a used tractor

The next family we visited lives in Krstanje, and the family members are Misa and Zeljana Milic, their children, Milica (6) and David (3) and also Zeljana’s mother and sick sister. We provided them with three bigger windows.

Windows delivered to the Milic family

We learned about a very interesting story in Golubic, visiting the Veselinovic family, which consists of the parents, Darko and Jagoda, and their children, Dajana (9) and Nikola (5). This family has a registered rural household and they are engaged in rural tourism. They prepare home-made food and products for tourists and they need to have their kitchen and guest room repaired, so we provided them with the construction material.

The Veselinovic family was provided with the construction material

Serbs for Serbs in front of the Krupa Monastery

In Krupa, we visited the Ljubicic family, consisting of the parents, Novak and Jela, and their children, Dajana (13) and Nikolina (8) and we provided them with a wood-burning stove.

The Ljubicic family now has a new wood-burning stove

After that, we went to Zegar, more precisely, the hamlet of Senadanin, to visit the Peric family, consisting of Zoran and Svjetlana and their son, Aleksandar (9 months old). We provided them with a chainsaw.

Chainsaw for the Peric family

The next place nearby was Bogatnik, where we visited the Milic family, consisting of the parents, Sinisa and Nada, and their children, Jovana (7), Marta (4) and Petar (1). The Milic family lives on goat keeping and selling cheese and dairy products, so we provided them with a tractor trailer, which they can use for these purposes, among other things.

Tractor trailer for the Milic family

Our next destination was the Buljevic family from Muskovci, near the beautiful river of Zrmanja. The family consists of Ljubomir and Slobodanka, and their children, Dragana (8) and Marija (3). Local tourism is very developed by the river Zrmanja.

The family is engaged in this type of tourism, but on a very low level, because they have very modest conditions. We provided them with the construction material so they can fix up toilets, barbecue place and yard and that would be enough for them to stand on their own feet and take their business to a higher level. The father of the family does all the works by himself.

The Buljevic family was provided with the construction material

In a place called Kasic, Benkovac Municipality, we visited the Drca family, consisting of the parents, Dusan and Jovanka, and their children, Stefan (17), Dario (10) and Damir (6). We bought them a freezer, a cow and a goatling.

Freezer, goatling and cow for the Drca family

We started our second day of the action in Krajina in Lika. In Gracac, we visited the Drobac family, consisting of the parents, Marko and Bojana, and their children, Luka (15), Nikolina (13), Sanja (10) and Milica (1). Our organization provided them with two sows.

The Drobac family received two sows

In the vicinity of Gracac, we also helped the Plecas family, consisting of the mother, Milena, and the children, Jovana (9), Milica (6), Jelena (5) and Nikolina (1). The father of the family suddenly passed away a few weeks ago and left behind the single mother with four underage daughters. We bought them basic groceries.

The Plecas family with the package of groceries

In a place called Udbina, we visited the seven-member Josan family, consisting of Miroslav and Aleksandra and their five children, Milica, Milos, Branka, Dejana and Aleksandar. We provided them with a chainsaw.

The Josan family was provided with a chainsaw

In Mihaljac, near Korenica, we provided valuable aid in the form of a used tractor for the Prica family, consisting of the grandmother, Danica, the parents, Milorad and Danijela, and their children, Nikola (19), Milan (14) and Nikolina (12). This is a diligent and hardworking family that we have helped before, so we are sure that this tractor will help them significantly improve their family household.

Used tractor for the hardworking Prica family

While in the neighborhood, we took the opportunity to visit the Panic family and take a picture of the cow, provided for them during the Christmas action.

Cow for the Panic family

In the village of Kolaric in Kordun, we helped two families. First we helped the Drakulic family, consisting of the parents, Radomir and Bogdanka, and their children, Tijana (17), Petar (16), Tamara (14) and Nemanja (12). We bought them the construction material, which they are going to use to build their small dairy and keep their own cows to produce milk.

The Drakulic family beside the provided construction material

Also in Kolaric, we visited the Crevar family, consisting of the parents, Miodrag and Marijana, and their children, Mile (12), Jelena (6) and Nikolina (1). We provided them with tires and a tractor battery, and also the tractor electric pump repair.

The Crevar family with the new tractor tires and battery

The next was the Tadic family, from Gornja Socanica, consisting of the parents, Nikola and Dragana, and their children, Dejan (14) and Zoran (12). We provided them with the material for roof repair, because the roof leaks. This family lives in very hard conditions, enough to mention that they lived without electricity for ten years.

Material for the Tadic family

In the village of Goricka, we were hosted by the Petrovic family, consisting of the mother, Vesna, and her children, Mile (15) and Milana (11). We helped them by purchasing a freezer, washing machine, toilet tank, toilet and kitchen cabinets.

Valuable aid for the Petrovic family

Near Petrinje, in the village of Pastosa, we visited the Vrga family, consisting of the parents, Dejan and Zorica, and their children, Tea (9) and Denis (1). They shared their interesting and tragic story with us. The grandfather of this family switched to Adventists. With members of his sect, he tried to recruit his son (the father of this family) and once they even made the son remove their Patron Saint’s icon off the wall, which the man refused. That is why this man, together with his family, left the family house and moved to Petrinja. These parts of the country (Kostajnica, Dvor, Petrinja...) are full of sects that are constantly recruiting our poor people, attracting them by buying agricultural machines, construction material and other necessities. In order to help this man remain with his family in their new home, without the help of his father, we bought them a Holstein cow, which gives over 15 liters of milk a day. This will help the family a lot.

The cow provided for the Vrga family

After that, in the village of Dodosi, we visited the Kovarbasic family, consisting of the parents, Zeljko and Jula, and their children, Ana (11), Zeljka (8), Nemanja (6) and Zeljana (4). We helped them by buying a washing machine, two bunk beds, four mattresses, bed sheets, a stove and some candies for the children. The parents are unemployed, and they live on welfare and child benefit. The children are well brought up and good students. They all sleep in one room, and the son sleeps beside the parents’ feet.

The Kovarbasic family

The Borojevic family from Mecencani consists of only two members, the single mother Drena, and her daughter, Andjela (12). We bought them a couch.

The Borojevic family was provided with a couch

The next family we visited in the village of Komogovina is the Sestic family, consisting of the parents, Djuka and Ljubica, and the children, Milica (11), Milos (9) and Radovan (7). We helped them by buying the construction material and sanitary ware.

Milos, Milica and Radovan Sestic

The Sestic family

In the remote village of Memska, we reached the Zivkovic family, consisting of the great grandmother, Jelica, the grandmother, Rada, and her granddaughters, Dragana (15) and Bojana (6). We provided them with a bunk bed with mattresses.

A bunk bed with mattresses for the youngest members of the Zivkovic family

In the vicinity of Glina, in the village of Drenovac, we helped the Arbutina family, consisting of the parents, Zoran and Ljiljana, and their children, Sara (10), Patra (8), Martina (2) and Nikolina (2). They were provided with the construction material and material for central heating installation. They live in hard conditions, and, in addition, Nikolina has health problems and still has not started to walk. She should do some exercises which would help her, but she cannot go to the facility to do them, because there is no road.

The Arbutina family

Although 20 years have passed since the war ended in this area, the traces of the pogrom are still fresh and visible. Burned and abandoned houses, empty villages once full of life and demolished churches continue to be an open sore of the people who used to live in Krajina, but also of all of us. Still, in spite of everything, the Serbs who now live in this area do not lack a wish to work and survive.

That is why we bear the name of Serbs for Serbs and we will always be there for our people!


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