July 23, 2016

Easter action in Krajina, part II

After the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs had successfully conducted the first part of the big Easter action in Krajina, more precisely throughout Dalmatia, a visit to the remaining 16 families in Lika, Kordun, Banija and Western Slavonia was soon completed. We also delivered help for one family from the area of Dalmatia, whom we visited during the first part of the Easter action in Krajina. The total value of aid delivered in the second part of the Easter action amounts to 13,320 EUR (1,200 EUR for a cow from previous visit).

Review of aid delivered by families:

- Two sofas, closet and water heater
- Front door and groceries
- Material for equipping the bathroom (tiles, water heater, flusher, washbasin) and groceries
- Used milking equipment for milking goats and milk cooling tank for milk storage
- Sheep shearing machine
- Laying hens, concentrate...

- Two sows, bunk beds, working desk and a chair
- Material for fencing of property (concrete pillars and a wire)
- Cow, material for arranging children’s room, working desk, closet and a bed
- Combined electric/gas stove and refrigerator
- Washing machine
- Laminate for covering the floor in the house
- Cow with calf
- Wood-burning stove
- Used hay baler
- Used tractor accessories (disc harrow and the sun)
- Cow (Dalmatia)

Serbs for Serbs with family Vojnovic

We started the action in Lika, more specifically in and around Gracac. We visited a single mother Radmila Vojnovic who has three children: Mladen (17), Marijana (16) and Danijela (1.5).

One of the two sofas bought for family Vojnovic

This family lives in very modest conditions in the apartment in Gracac. In order to ease them the difficult living conditions at least to some extent, we provided aid in the form of two sofas, a closet and a water heater in the amount of 540 EUR.

Family Stanisavljevic in front of new front door

Not far from Gracac we visited family Stanisavljevic consisting of parents Ugljesa i Marija, with children Nebojsa (5) and Nenad (1). We provided front door for this family and groceries in the amount of value of 700 EUR, because in the fall and winter during the heavy rains the wind brings moisture in the house and makes life more difficult, especially for the youngest ones.

Always smiled children of family Djilas

The third family we helped is family Djilas from a remote village near Srb, on the very border with Bosnia. We have helped again the family we have known for several years, and which has a record in the number of children among the families from Krajina – a total of nine minor children. The family consists of father Radovan and his wife Biljana with children Predrag (15), Milica (13), Radmila (11), Stevan (9), Miroslav (9), Sladjana (6), Mirjana (4), Bozidar (2) and Dejan (1).

Family Djilas with bathroom material

For the purpose of equipping the newer house in which they are planning to move, and which they started to renovate on their property, we purchased material for equipping the bathroom (tiles, water heater, flusher, washbasin) and some basic foodstuff. The total value of the aid amounted to 580 EUR.

Used milk cooling tank delivered to family Raseta

After that we visited three families in the municipality of Donji Lapac. Although we had helped all three families before, on this occasion, new aid was delivered for the purpose of the economic viability of households. The family that we visited first was family Raseta, consisting of parents Drazen and Rada and children Jovana (21), Nemanja (18) and Brankica (7).

Milking machine for goats provided for family Raseta

For the purpose of upgrading the goat farm they have, we bought them a used milk cooling tank for milk storage and used milking machine in total value of 1,000 EUR.

Sheep shearing machine was purchased for family Dotlic

Not far from family Raseta, we came to family Dotlic. Parents Damir and Mira have children Dragan (9) and Sladjana (7). For the purpose of improving the job they have, we provided them a professional machine for shearing sheep in the value of 450 EUR.

1,400 kg of concentrate for poultry provided to family Balac

The last family in this area we visited and helped was family Balac of parents Sasa and Kristina with children Goran (15), Nemanja (5) and Natasa (1).

Laying hens delivered to family Balac

In the value of 1,000 EUR we purchased 100 laying hens, 1,400 kg of concentrate and supplements for poultry for the purpose of establishment of broiler farm for breeding.

Members of family Macesic

The only family from Kordun we have helped this time, was family Macesic from Vojnic

The youngest ones were the happiest because of bunk bed

This modest and valuable family consists of parents Dejan and Milijana, with children Dejana (9), Mario (7), Ognjen (3) and Anamarija (one month old).

Dejana Macesic at her new working desk

Two fattening sows were bought for family Macesic

The family lives in a rented apartment in Vojnic due to school obligations of children. For the needs of the youngest ones we purchased bunk bed, working desk and a chair, while we provided more specific aid for the whole household in the form of two fattening sows which they will grow on the nearby farm. The total value of the aid delivered was 900 EUR.

Setting concrete pillars, more precisely fence at family Kljajic

We visited another family we had helped in the past on this occasion as well, and delivered the agreed aid. For a single mother Danijela Kljajic from the area of Glina on Banija and her four children Jelena (18), Milan (16), Nikola (13) and Danijel (9), we delivered the concrete pillars with a fence, in a value of 800 EUR.

Serbs for Serbs with brothers Kljajic

The purpose of the aid is to protect the property where the family will breed laying hens, with the aim of further sale and economic independence.

Family Topo richer for yielding cow

In the vicinity of Dvor on Una, also in Banija, we visited and helped two families. We first visited family Topo from Rujevac consisting of parents Goran and Djurdjica and children Milana (13), Gorana (11) and Milan (10).

Furniture and laminate for children's room of family Topo

For them we delivered specific aid in the form of yielding cow, material for arranging children's room, working table, closet and bed. The total value of the delivered aid was 1,630 EUR.

Members of family Kovacevic

After family Topo, we came to another multiple children family – Kovacevic from the village of Vanici. In a rented house, parents Vladimir and Dragana live with their children Branko (8), Lorena (6), twins Anastasija and Petar (5), Andjela (3) and Lara (1). The big problem for this family is the fact that they do not have their own roof over their heads. They are trying to buy out the house they are renting, but the remaining amount of approximately 8,000 EUR is too big for the family without any permanent income and who has six minor children.

Family Kovacevic is provided with combined stove and refrigerator

In line with the current situation, the only kind of aid we could provide for this family was to purchase basic household appliances: combined stove gas/electricity and a refrigerator. The total value of the aid amounted to 440 EUR.

МMother Dragana Rebic with her son Danijel

Further in Banija, more specifically in the near and distant surroundings of Kostajnica we visited five families. First we visited family Rebic from Donji Kukuruzari, consisting of a single mother Dragana with her son Danijel (6). For this family, we delivered a washing machine in the amount of 280 EUR.

Laminate provided for family Ostojic

After that, the road led us to family Ostojic. Parents Miroslav and Sladjana have children Marko (7) and Zora (7 months). Since they live in a house without floor, which poses a major problem especially for the youngest ones, we have provided material for placing the laminate primarily in the living room where the family spends most of its time. The value of procurement of material amounted to 550 EUR.

Cow with calf for family Lovric

The next family we visited and helped was family Lovric from Slabinje in the municipality of Dubica. We didn't find parents Sinisa and Marija at home, nor Kosta (13) who was in school, but grandmother Ana and grandfather Milan thanked for the delivered aid – cow with calf in the value of 1,450 EUR.

Wood-burning stove Alfa Plam for family Dracina

In Dubica we visited another single mother Marijana Dracina. She lives in a household with her mother Ranka and son Aleksa (13). For them, we have provided a wood-burning stove in the amount of 450 EUR.

Serbs for Serbs with family Janic

The last family we visited in Banija in the scope of this Easter action, is family Janic in which parents Milan and Zdravka live with children Branko (11) and Sasa (9). Unfortunately, the youngest son Sasa suffers from a severe form of epilepsy. The difficult economic situation in which this family is in is further burdened by the child's illness.

Delivered used hay baler for family Janic

Family Janic is, like most families, doing farming and agriculture, and for them we have provided a used hay baler in the value of 2,000 EUR. With the provided hay baler, family Janic will be able to generate additional revenues, necessary for treatment of young Sasa.

SZS visiting an elementary school in Dubica

During the visit to Banija, we visited elementary school in Dubica and on that occasion we visited the Serbian children who attend religious education there. 

Family Kuridza with used disc harrow and sun for the tractor

ПFor the first time since the beginning of our activities in the Krajina area, we visited and helped the family from Western Slavonia. Near Okucani in the village of Borovac we visited family Kuridza. Parents Predrag and Vesna have children Dusanka (9), Milena (7) and Luka (3). Here, unfortunately, we also faced a difficult economic situation, aggravated by illness of young Dusanka. She has had several heart surgeries so far.

Luka, Milena and Dusanka Kuridza

In consultation with the family, we bought used connecting parts for tractor (disc harrow and the sun) in the amount of 550 EUR. Given that it is a valuable and hard-working family, we will have them in our plans for additional help during the next actions.

Members of family Bradas with delivered cow

We would like to emphasize that we delivered a cow to family Bradas from Zagrovic near Knin, consisting of parents Drazen and Snezana and children Milica (12) and Jelena (10), which we had visited during the first part of the Easter action. The value of the delivered aid was 1,200 EUR.

Once again we witnessed the harsh living conditions in which the Serbian families live throughout Krajina, forgotten and abandoned by Serbia. We will continue our work in the future in the field of help to socially disadvantaged families, but also to those families who have opportunity for serious farming and animal husbandry. We thank for the support and help to the clergy of the Dioceses of Gornji Karlovac and Pakrac-Slavonia, without whose efforts it most certainly would haven't been possible to successfully and efficiently conduct the planned action.


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