June 10, 2016

Easter action in Krajina, part 1

In the scope of the Easter action, representatives of the Charity organization Serbs for Serbsvisited 17 families in the Dalmatia area. On that occasion we delivered help for fourteen families, while the delivery of help is being prepared for the remaining three families. We also visited the association “Women of the Kosovo valley” with which we established cooperation in the previous period and which we have helped on this occasion. The total value of the delivered help is 14,800 EUR, and the total value of the planned help is approximately 20,000 EUR.

The overview of the delivered help:

- Metal cutting saw
- Used hay baler
- Three beds with mattresses, closets and children’s working tables
- Stove/cauldron for central heating of the entire house
- Combined refrigerator
- Two new connection tillers
- Used tractor
- 13 sheep
- A cow
- A bull
- Construction material for roof repair and craftsman’s services
- Construction material for pigsty building
- Construction material for removal of moisture in the house
- Construction material for reconstruction of the school in Ridjane

Miroslav Vucenic with the material for roof repair

We started the action of visiting the helped families in the area of Dalmatian Kosovo. We first visited family Vucenic in Zvjerinac near the Lazarica monastery consisting of parents Miroslav and Danijela and children Spiro (5) and Miroslava (9). We provided them with the construction material for roof repair and paid the craftsman services in the total amount of 700 EUR.

Serbs for Serbs with family Vucenic

Not far away in Orlic, we visited multiple children family Simic consisting of parents Zdravko and Mirjana and the children Romanela (21), Djurdja (19), Jelena (14) and Sanja (7). We have heard nothing but words of praise about this hard working family for their work and effort, and we bought them the new connection tiller in the value of 1,000 EUR.

A photo with family Simic

After that, we had the opportunity to meet the members of the Association “Women of the Kosovo valley” who thanked us for all the help we provided them since the beginning of our cooperation and for the new donation – construction material for incapacitating the old school in Ridjane which is going to be the future head office of all their activities.

Material delivery for repairing the school in Ridjane

Construction material delivered to the Association “Women of the Kosovo valley”

On this occasion we delivered the material in the amount of 500 EUR. We were informed of all current and future projects which are going to be of great benefit to the entire Serbian community from the Dalmatian Kosovo.

The hay baler was delivered to the family of Sinisa Sladoje

Our next stop was the faraway Sinj, the village of Lucani. We visited two families Sladoje in the village. The first family Sladoje we visited consists of the parents Sinisa and Ivana and children Nikola (10) and Luka (8). We have allocated 1,000 EUR for buying the used hay baler for them.

Serbs for Serbs with the family of Dusan Sladoje

We provided the bull for the family of Dusan Sladoje

Another family Sladoje lives not far away from them, in which Dusan and Dragica live with their children Luka (5) and Ilija (3). On this genuine little farm of animals in the present environment we had the opportunity to talk with this hard working family. We bought the bull in the amount of 1,000 EUR in order to further improve their farm and animal husbandry development.

Common photo with family Kotaras

Furniture for children’s room was delivered to family Kotaras

The action continued in Knin and surroundings. We first visited family Kotaras in which parents Miroslav and Tina live with their children Nikola (10), Nina (8) and Filip (6). Considering the fact they live as subtenants in the house full of moisture, we decided to provide them with beds with mattresses, as well as closets and working tables for the youngest ones. The value of the delivered help was 1,100 EUR.

A cow will soon be delivered to family Bradas

After Kotaras, we went to the village of Zagrovic which is also located not far away from Knin. There we visited family Bradas, consisting of parents Drazen and Snezana and children Milica (12) and Jelena (10). We plan to buy and deliver a cow for the family.

Sport family Orlovic

Metal cutting saw was provided for family Orlovic

In the village of Ljubac near Knin we visited family Orlovic in which parents Petar and Nikolina live with their children Denis (10), Danijela (7) and Petar (2). We bought the professional metal cutting saw in the amount of 900 EUR. Father Petar will use the saw to develop his private business which enables him to sustain his family.

Construction material for the Maric family

Part of the material for moisture sanation at family Maric

In Knin we reached family Maric, consisting of parents Zoran and Gordana and their daughter Sara (12). Great moisture in the house is making the lives of its inhabitants more difficult. The request of family Maric was to help them in providing the construction material for moisture sanation. The material was delivered prior to our arrival, and the value of help was 900 EUR.

Construction material for future pigsty of family Damjanovic

SfS with family Damjanovic in front of their house

The next family we visited was family Damjanovic from Golubic. Parents Davor and Mirjana live with their daughters Suzana (20) and Sanja (16). Having returned from Knin to Golubic recently due to tough life and the lack of job, they plan to engage in cattle breading more seriously. To begin with, they plan to grow pigs, and we bought construction material in the amount of 700 EUR for the pigsty.

Family Babic

Family Babic’s flock is richer for another 13 sheep

During the second day of our action we visited several families in the area of Zegar. We first reached family Babic. Father Milovan lives with his wife and daughter Milica (3) and a several-months-old baby. For the needs of further cattle breading, sheep breading to be more precise, we provided 13 sheep in the amount of 900 EUR.

Cow delivered for family Kljajic-Peric in the area of Zegar

Family Kljajic-Peric received help for cattle breading since we donated 1,000 EUR for buying of a cow. Parents Sava and Snezana and children Dejan (8) and Lana (7) live in this humble household.

We plan to provide tiller with trailer to family Coso

The third family from the area of Zegare whom we plan to help as soon as possible is family Coso, consisting of parents Nenad and Marija and children Jelena (9) and Mladen (3). The planned donation for this family is 1,000 EUR as a help to buy the used tiller with trailer.

Tractor for family Vujasinovic

Once again we have been active in the area of Kistanje and surroundings where we visited two families whom we had earlier helped and provided significant aid which will notably help them to become economically independent and secure. We first visited family Vujasinovic, consisting of parents Dalibor and Nikolina and children Andjelina (9) and Jovan (5). We provided a used tractor in the amount of 3,000 EUR for this hard working family. The provided tractor will be for the benefit of St. Nedelja monastery in Ocestovo since father of the family Dalibor has been actively helping the brotherhood of this monastery for quite some time.

А photo with family Strbac

Afterwards we visited family Strbac as well. We have known the family for a long time. Parents Nebojsa and Suzana and children Jelena (17), Milica (16), Lazar and Marija (15) live in the household. The procurement of the machine for engraving, i.e. souvenirs making on special stone plates is underway. The value of the abovementioned machine is 2,700 EUR. They plan to make souvenirs mostly for the needs of our churches and monasteries throughout Dalmatia, and we hope that these unique and interesting souvenirs will find their way to the remaining temples of the Serbian Orthodox Church throughout Balkan.

Stove/cauldron for central heating of the entire house of family Subotic

The next family we have successfully helped was family Subotic from Ervenik. Parents Djordje and Nikolina live with their children Andjela (18), Dusan (14) and Mirjana (10). Due to father Djordje’s employment and children’s school duties, they spend most of their time in a house not far away from Knin. Therefore we provided special stove/cauldron for central heating of the entire house in the amount of 900 EUR.

We delivered a combined refrigerator to family Knezevic

We continued our journey to the Oton Polje and the lonely family Knezevic. This family consists of parents Predrag and Branka and their children Kristina (5) and Natalija (2). We tried to improve the difficult conditions in which this family lives by providing a combined refrigerator in the amount of 300 EUR.

Tractor tiller delivered to family Mladjen

The last family we helped in Dalmatia was family Mladjen from a distant village near Ervenik. The family consists of parents Slobodan and Jelena and children Snezana (20), Silvana (14) and Sanja (8). It is another hard working family whom we enabled to improve its economic position and provide safer future for their children by their own work.

Serbs for Serbs in the monastery Ocestvo courtyard

We had another opportunity to visit great sanctuaries in Dalmatia such as monastery of St. Nedelja in Ocestovo, monasteries Lazarica and Krka, and one of the oldest churches in Dalmatia, the St. George church in Padjeni.

In the monastery Krka courtyard

Help to the remaining Serbian people in Krajina, with the emphasis on the Dalmatia area, is of great significance. It is particularly important to help young families and families with greater number of minor children, so that the Serbian people in that area could have the slightest opportunity to survive in the time ahead of us. We are ahead of the continuation of the Easter action of help to the Serbian people throughout Krajina. Therefore we call upon all the people of good will to help according to their possibilities in order to engage soon in delivery of the planed help to our compatriots.

SfS in front of the St. George church in Padjeni

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