December 13, 2010

We delivered firewood to family Tomic!




Five-member Serbian family Tomic, Goran father, mother Ljiljana, children: Dragan (15), Dusan (14), Katherine (6), can finally relax, because this winter will be warm in their home. This five-member family living in Bujanovac, approached our organization to help them in the purchase of 6 m³ of wood. Goran's father, for much of the month work in Belgrade, he was the only income in the family, with a monthly income of only 15.000 dinars(around $200) ??


Another problem they have is not only there is not available work, as is the case in rest od Serbia, but Serbs in general cannot get jobs because slowly all the major functions in the city are occupied by Albanians, which of course bring other albanians to work, and do not want Serbs to hire. So that is why the life of Serbs in Bujanovac is extremely difficult. Thanks to God and our donors, we managed to help family Tomic, they would like to thank the entire organization.

See the account of purchase for 6m cubic firewood and accounts for the transport of our representatives from Nis to Bujanovac and back.





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