June 03, 2015

Dream “Trojka” in Novi Sad!

On Saturday, May 23, 2015, starting at 2PM, another successful “Trojka iz Bloka” was held at the plateau in front of the SPENS! For the third time in a row, Novi Sad hosted the sports-charity event, and again, residents of Novi Sad showed, in the best possible light, what the combination of sports, humanness and spectacle can do. The plateau in front of the SPENS was full of people who gathered on this sunny Saturday afternoon in the city on the Danube. Many true sports lovers came to support the legends of the Serbian sport, world champions, a good idea and a good cause – helping the good Rodic family from Stari Ledinci, near Novi Sad. As much as 232,710 RSD and 100 Euros were raised for bathroom construction for the Rodic family. 157 shooters and our proud sponsors and donors from Novi Sad all showed the Rodic family that they are not alone!


Sponsors of the tournament that made contributions are: PIP Novi Sad – 50,000 RSD, JKP Trznica – 20,000 RSD, Museum Night 6,000 RSD, Mr Borko Ilic – 20,000 RSD and Mr Savo Capar – 100 Euros. Thank you, Novi Sad!

Mixed Choir “Slatkopojci”

The tournament taking place at the plateau in front of the SPENS was opened by the Mixed Choir, “Slatkopojci” with their solemn performance of the national anthem of the Republic of Serbia, “Boze Pravde.” Immediately following the anthem, this charming choir sang another song, “Oj Srbijo, mila mati.” After that, people attending were addressed by Milos Simovic, on behalf of the Charity organization “Serbs for Serbs” and the “Trojka iz Bloka” project, and after him, Nenad Muzdeka, coordinator of the Charity organization “Serbs for Serbs,” Novi Sad and the famous volleyball player of Vojvodina and also Serbian national volleyball team player, Vasa Mijic.

Vasa Mijic, famous Serbian national volleyball team player

Nenad Pagonis, European and world champion in Muay Thai kickboxing


The tournament was opened with shots by Vasa Mijic, Nenad Pagonis, national Muay Thai kickboxer, and 3x3 world champions, Dusan Domovic Bulut, Marko Zdero and Marko Savic. These sports greats were joined by Sandro Markovic, member of the former group “Prslook band” and the creator and presenter of the “Prslook Again” show, which is the media partner of the tournament. First shooters were called to the court by Milos Simovic and the hip hop star, Bore from THC la Familia, who co-hosted the whole program. Great atmosphere in Novi Sad was almost tangible.

Bore – Frontman of the famous Belgrade rap group, THC la Familia




Bosko Cirkovic Skabo – Beogradski Sindikat

Disc jockey Sale L and Bosko Cirkovic Skabo from Beogradski Sindikat

Sale L from THC la Familia was, as always, the one who ensured great music, and during the break, Skabo from Beogradski Sindikat performed a rap spectacle for everyone attending. Bore from THC la Familia rapped several hits by THC la Familia, and the two of them together rapped one song, while the best European freestyler, Nemanja Trickey Blazic performed his magic with a basketball. Dance club Jupi performed their number, and after them, dance club “Feel the beat” from the dance club Master dance created a hot atmosphere on the already sunny day in Novi Sad. The girls showed their talents, and after them, the guys from the martial arts club Patriote showed their skills in boxing, training and sparring. To view the full photo gallery, visit the official “Trojka iz Bloka” facebook page. The best shooters at the tournament were Milos Lisica, who won the gold medal, Novak Boskov – silver, and Pavle Veselinovic – bronze.






Milos Lisica – winner of the “Trojka iz Bloka” tournament in Novi Sad

Milos Lisica (in the middle), Novak Boskov and Pavle Veselinovic

We wish to give a big thanks to everyone for coming and supporting the Rodic family. Words cannot describe a good deed, only deeds speak for themselves. Novi Sad showed the capability and will to help. The “Trojka iz Bloka” in Novi Sad was a perfect example. New bathroom will help the Rodic family have a better life. It will help them overcome difficult moments they are going through. These people are hard working, but their efforts mostly do not pay. They barely manage to make ends meet, but they keep going. Together, we have put an end to their hard living conditions. Together, we help our fellow citizens keep fighting and we show them that they are not alone in that. Novi Sad did it today. Thank you, Novi Sad!


Be a part of “Trojka iz Bloka!”

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