March 15, 2015

Double deck beds for Nikolic little ones

Report: SFS Republic of Srpska /RECEIPT/
Having previously visited and met the Nikolic family, members of the Charity organization SERBS FOR SERBS successfully carried out another action in the territory of the city of Prijedor. The Nikolic family was provided with two double deck beds with mattresses. To remind you, the Nikolic family is a six-member family, consisting of the parents, Danko and Snezana, and their four children, Ognjen (12), Andrea (6), Marina (3) and Rastko (1). The total value of the aid delivered was 1,187.60 BAM.

Andrea and Marina diligently making their beds

During our first visit, the Nikolic family expressed a wish of getting two double deck beds with mattresses as a donation from our organization, so they could furnish two separate rooms for boys and girls and thus use the space in their flat more efficiently.

Rastko and Ognjen on their new beds

In the end, we wish to convey greetings and gratitude to all donors of our organization from the Nikolic family. We also wish to invite all donors and friends of the organization to support the work of the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs in the way they can.

Ognjen, Marina, Rastko and Andrea thank all donors for their help


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