December 31, 2016

Donations were delivered to Krakic family from Sarajevo

Beginning with the pieces of information that were collected by the social service of Eastern Sarajevo, among with selfless and devoted work of the volunteers during the visit and meeting of the family, up to the repairer’s job that was done with great quality – Trojka iz bloka once again united all the people with big hearts! Results of the first Trojka in Eastern Sarajevo are smiles on the faces of the youngest members of Krakic family, as well as strength and hope that were given to their parents because now they know that there are some people who keep their promises, and who will not forget them! Removal of the old and installation of the new carpentry on Krakic’s home

Since this Trojka iz bloka that took place in Eastern Sarajevo, was the last one that was held in the Republic of Srpska in 2016, with Krakic family we finished our, until now, most successful Trojka iz bloka, the unique sports-charity project of our organization. A new wardrobe will be useful for children’s clothing and school supplies   Charity organization Serbs for Serbs would like to thank all sponsors, donors and volunteers who made their contribution to this great victory of humanity! The best season so far is finished, and in the best possible way – with delivered donations and all the job is done! Eight-year-old Lazar would like to thank donors on a newly bought washing machine

In 2015 we announced our jubilee fifth season, with one tournament that took place on Pale, and after that, all Republic of Srpska was marked with Trojka, from Banja Luka, Kozarska Dubica and Vlasenica, up to Trebinje and Eastern Sarajevo! Besides these cities, we do wish to organize this sports-charity event in Brcko, Bijeljina, Prijedor, Nevesinje, Kostajnica, Derventa, Visegrad, Foca, Teslic, Doboj, Zvornik, Laktasi, Prnjavor... Family Krakic thanks all the donors throughout the Republic of Srpska

A new season of "Trojka iz bloka" awaits us, in which we intend to break the record of the number of tournaments that will be held (40 tournaments in 2016), and in order to do so, we need your help! If there wasn’t Trojka iz bloka in your city so far, contact us, and Trojka iz bloka in this year might come to your city for the first time!

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