June 01, 2016

Donations for families in Kosovo

In cooperation and with big help of friends from the NGO “Majka devet Jugovica” from Gracanica, the Charity organization SERBS FOR SERBS delivered big aid for 10 Serbian families in Kosovo and Metohija as part of the Easter action. 20 goats and 20 kids to the value of 435,000 Dinars were distributed to the families. For the second time, the animals were bought at the Diocesan sheep and goat farm in Novo Brdo, opened at the end of 2013, and run by the organization “Majka devet Jugovica.” Funds earned from selling the goats and kids will be directed towards new projects of agricultural production in the municipality of Novo Brdo.

The organization SERBS FOR SERBS will certainly continue to carry out this and similar projects, primarily in cooperation with the NGO “Majka devet Jugovica”, as well as with other fraternal charity organizations worldwide, which aim at making socially disadvantaged families financially independent by creating possibilities for work, production and selling of agricultural products in Kosovo and Metohija.

Loading of goats and kids into the trailer

List of the families that received goats and kids, as well as photo report can be seen below: 

1. Petkovic (Prekovce) – Danijel Petkovic, his wife Jelena, mother Gordana and son Ognjen (2)

2. Pavic (Prekovce) – Ljubisa Pavic, wife Dragana, mother Slavica , children: Jovan (8) and Mihailo (5)

3. Vasic (Jasenovik) – Ivica Vasic, his wife Boban, Children: Danijel (12), Danijela (10) and Dijana (5)

4. Trajkovic (Lepine) – Bojan Trajkovic, single father with his son Stefan (8) and daughter Stefanija (11)

5. Petrovic (Jasenovik) – Zoran Petrovic, his wife Danica, children: Sanja (13), Tijana (10) and Nemanja (12)

6. Denic (Straza) – Mita Denic, his wife Slavica, children: Igor (25), Ivan (23), Dejan (19), Marina (16), Tanja (13), Nikola (8)

7. Simjonovic (Straza) – Dragisa Simjonovic, his wife Fidana, children: Milena (22), Marija (20), Sanja (18), and Lazar (14)

8. Kostic (Preoce) – Marko Kostic, his father Slavoljub, mother Suncica, wife Brankica and son Petar (7)

9. Vasovic (Zerovnica) – Vlada Vasovic, his wife Dobrinka and children: Stefan (18) and Sonja (17)

10. Simjonovic (Prekovce) – Sinisa Simjonovic, his wife Danijela and children: Nikola (16), Nemanja (13) and Andjela (9)

We call upon all donors worldwide to support this and other numerous projects of the Charity organization SERBS FOR SERBS by REGULAR MONTLY DONATIONS, so that much needed aid would reach a vast number of socially disadvantaged families and their children as soon as possible.

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