July 02, 2010

Doctor killed in Kosovo explosion

A medical doctor was killed from wounds after an explosion rocked Kosovoska Mitrovica during a peaceful protest of Serbs. Doctor Mesud Dzekovic died from wounds in his chest and heart. He was mortally wounded in front of his own house. The explosion wounded 12 additional persons. “We stood peacefully. At one moment we heard and felt the explosion. I was with my wife and at that moment I felt pain in my hand,” said ethnic Serb Zoran Rakic who is one of the wounded.

The explosion went off around 10 am in the area of Bosnjacka Mahala where ethnic Serbs were protesting the opening of the illegal separatist Albanian center seeking to “integrate” local Serbs. EU police is securing the illegal office in the town. NATO troops have been deployed in the area and helicopters are circling the area. Serbia’s President Tadic asked the “international community” to immediately respond to the terrorist attack. He appealed for preservation of security of the region.

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