May 13, 2011

We Won't Give Up ! We will never give up!

Report: Igor Rasula, Serbia /Photo gallery/ /Vecernje Novosti newspapers/
In our 10th action „For the Resurrection of Kosovo and Metohija“, conducted on Saturday, 30th of April and Sunday, 1st of May, Charity organization Serbs for Serbs and Charity Christian association „My Joy“ from Stuttgart, we managed to deliver nearly 6.000 EUR to 12 Serbian families in Kosovo and Metohija. As usual, we would like to thank our friends from NGO „The mother of nine Jugovićs“ and Raška-Prizren Eparchy.

On early Saturday morning we headed towards the holy Serbian land from Skoplje. We wanted to reach five southern Serbian enclaves, where a large number of Serbian families is literally cut off from the rest of Serbia. The first village we visited, Donja Brnjica is the biggest Serbian village north-east of Priština, with over 150 houses. We visited families Popović and Vitković in that village.

A single mother Stana Popović lives with her three children, Gordana (24), Goran (23) and Aleksandar (19). The children are sucessful students in Kosovska Mitrovica, so only Aleksandar and Stana were at home when we came. The husband and father of this family was kidnaped in 1999. by UCK terrorists, and his fate remained unknown. Stana complained about suspicious foreign organizations which stop by and promise help, but they never came back. We promised to get them an electric stove and 4 beds to equip the additional part of the house for the children.

Family Vitković is consisted of the father Predrag, mother Sanja and children Aleksandar (7) and Anđela (3). Predrag has found a job recently, and he manages to provide the basic necessities for his family. The biggest problem they have are the beds (3 of them) and a closet, so we decided to provide them those things.

We continued our journey towards Gračanica, and together with father Bojan we visited several villages in central Kosovo and Metohija. In Donja Gušterica we visited family Krstić – father Ljubinko, mother Zorica and children Vadica (18), Kristina (13) and Vojislava (15). The family needs a bathroom, so we planned to get them one with all the necessary material, and we also bought 2 beds and a vacuum cleaner to improve the hygiene in the house.

In the village Rabovce we visited family Mihajlović. The father Miodrag has been kidnapped twice by UCK terrorists, but with God's help he managed to escape. That left significant consequences, so it is difficult for him, even after several years, to take care of his family, consisting of his wife Divna and children Miroslav (23), Miloš (18), Jelena (14), and another daughter Milena who is married and doesn't live with them any more. Father Bojan helped Miodrag to find a job in Dečane Monastery. We provided 3 beds, a small refrigerator and an electric stove for this family.

Our next stop was a martyred Serbian village Staro Gacko near Lipljane, “known” by the brutal murder of 14 harvesters on 23rd of July 1999. A landmine was found recently in the village, and it was set by local Albanian terrorists as a response to the graffiti of SNP Naši 1389 on the local school. We visited family Ajduković who lives in a renovated refugee camp, mother Jelena and her children Jovana (19), Jovan (12) and Sara (10). We bought them a washing machine, wood stove, double-decker bed and a table with chairs. We also planed to visit family Zdravković, but they were in Mitrovica seeing a doctor. Since we provided some things for them – bed, a table and chairs, as well as washing machine, we decided to visit them the next time we come to Staro Gacko.

In the village Suvi Do we visited family Stanojević. Father Siniša and mother Dijana live in a cramped space with their children Tamara (12), Milan (10), Lidija (8), Mila (6) and Isidora (2). We already helped this family in one of our previous actions, buying them a washing machine, but due to a water problem, we will provide them a water pump to get the water from the well, thus solving one of many problems of this family.

In the village Ugljare near Priština we visited family Stolić, father Dejan, mother Sunčica and their children Anđela (9), Ivana (6), Nikola (3) and twins Andreja and Jovan who are 3-months old. They own several goats and poultry, and manage to survive. Their neighbors and Eparchy are helping them, so we decided to donate 2 beds and a double-decker for the children, big water heater, washing machine, big closet and chairs. We will certainly try to visit them again and help with the things for the babies, which they need the most at the moment.

Our friends in municipality Novo Brdo, working in the charity kitchen Prekovci, assured us that they have large quantities of food. Due to a lack of time, we couldn't visit an old man, Dragan, in the village Zebince in Novo Brdo, to whom the „Mother of nine Jugovićs“ will deliver a bed and a little table.

On Sunday morning we headed the villages in Metohija, Orahovac and Velika Hoča, where we delivered 2 refrigerators, stoves and washing machines provided by our friends from the organization „My Joy“. After our encounter with father Marko in Hoča and a short rest in the winery of Tzar Dušan which he donated to Dečane Monastery, we continued our journey and visited the families from these enclaves.

The first family we visited in Velika Hoča was the Spasić family, father Miloš, mother Zorica and children Jelena (17), Sima (20) and grandmother Anica. We bought them a refrigerator. Besides the fact they own several hectares of land which is very fertile and suitable to produce vine, the local Albanian gangs makes them insecure. Miloš works in the vineyard of Dečane Monastery, and his children are successful students in Kosovska Mitrovica.

Nearby we found family Nakalamić, father Marko, mother Suzana and children Damjan (11) and Anastasija (6). We bought a refrigerator for them also. The family is unable to cultivate their land. Marko also works in the estate of Dečane Monastery, and helps in producing vine.

The last family we visited in Velika Hoča was the Lukić family, father Miroslav, mother Jasmina, their sons Dalibor (27), Mladen (26), Ratko (21), as well as Dalibor's wife Milica and Mladen's wife Jelena. Ratko was a geography student in Mitrovica until recently, but their material situation no longer enables him to study. The youngest members of the household are Tomislav and Radislav who are one year and a half old. The Lukić's have problem with the space they live in, so for the time being we bought them a washing machine, and we will try to provide additional help for children bedrooms in our next action.

We ended our action in Orahovac, where we visited the Grković family, father Slaviša, mother Dušica, their sons Stefan (12), Lazar (9) and Uroš (4), and grandmother Miroslava. We donated a stove, but they need even more so, the roof is in a very bad condition.

Our great common Easter charity action is a step forward for all the organizations that took part, and its aim is to provide a new action to help the Serbian families. The help we got in Gračanica will be delivered to all the families in the next 10 days, and our friends from „Mother of nine Jugovićs“ will document that as always.

We sincerely hope that our actions and reports will raise the desire and motives through the Serbian lands and in the diaspora to help our people and the endangered families who wish to stay on our holy land. It is important to deliver and use the help in the best way possible.

The help we provided in this action is as follows:
•    14 beds
•    2 double-decker beds
•    2 closets
•    2 tables
•    16 chairs
•    2 electric stoves
•    3 water heaters
•    1 vacuum cleaner
•    2 wood stoves
•    1 water pump
•    2 sets of shower and tap
•    20m2 of bathroom tiles and a complete equipment for the bathroom
•    3 refrigerators
•    5 washing machines

We use this opportunity to publicly call all the state institutions of the Republic of Serbia to make minimum of efforts to provide help to the endangered Serbian families in their enclaves, which have become the ghettos of the 21st century, and invest in their children, because the CHILDREN ARE INDEED OUR FUTURE! Without the children there is no future!

With the faith in God,
Igor Rašula


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