February 05, 2015

Delivery of help in Obrenovac part 8

Charity organization Serbs for Serbs delivered on December 21 new amounts of help to the flooded families with children in Obrenovac. On this occasion, within the project FIGHT AGAINST THE FLOODS, we delivered 10 washing machines, 8 stoves, 4 freezers and 3 refrigerators to 23 families in the Local community Zabrezje. The total amount of help was 689.840 dinars. So far Charity organization Serbs for Serbs provided help for 271 families in Obrenovac.

The list of the helped families from Local community Rvati and Local community Zabrezje, Obrenovac municipality, the delivered help and its value are as follows:

Local community Rvati

 1. Milankovic M. (refrigerator) 28.990 dinars (a baby)
2. Caric V. (washing machine) 29.999 dinars (one child)
3. Milosevic S. (washing machine) 29.999 dinars (2 children)
4. Nedic M. (stove, washing machine) 52.989 dinars (2 children)

Local community Zabrezje

5. Blazic D. (washing machine) 29.999 dinars (one child)
6. Cvokic J. (freezer) 29.990 dinars (2 children)
7. Lazic A. (refrigerator) 28.990 dinars (3 children)
8. Kovacevic M. (stove) 22.990 dinars (2 children)
9. Radisic R. (washing machine) 29.999 dinars (2 children)
10. Bosnjakovic V. (washing machine) 29.999 dinars (one child)
11. Petrovic D. (stove) 22.990 dinars (2 children)
12. Velimirovic D. (freezer) 29.990 dinars (2 children)
13. Micic Z. (refrigerator) 28.990 dinars (3 children)
14. Babic B. (stove) 22.990 dinars (a baby)
15. Zivanovic R. (washing machine) 29.999 dinars (2 children)
16. Vasiljevic M. (washing machine) 29.999 dinars (2 children)
17. Djokic S. (stove) 22.990 dinars (2 children)
18. Jankovic M. (freezer) 29.990 dinars (2 children)
19. Petrovic T. (stove, freezer) 58.980 dinars (3 children)
20. Gojkovic S. (stove) 22.990 dinars (2 children)
21. Ivanovic I. (washing machine) 29.999 dinars (2 children)
22. Bajic S. (washing machine) 29.999 dinars (2 children)
23. Tejic Z. (stove) 22.990 dinars (5 children)

We thank the representatives of the municipality and the donor commission who helped us in visiting the families and delivering help. All appliances are of Gorenje trademark with five years of guarantee. They are delivered thanks to the friends of our organization from Tehnomanija.

Great action FIGHT AGAINST THE FLOODS continues. Charity organization Serbs for Serbs calls upon all fraternal organizations, donors and people of good will in Serbia and worldwide to participate and donate according to their possibilities on one of the accounts of the organization. We also encourage you to see the reports of the help delivered to PARACIN, TRSTENIK, VALJEVO, KRALJEVO, OBRENOVAC, SVILAJNAC, VELIKI CRLJENI, KRUPANJ, VELIKI CRLJENI PART 2, OBRENOVAC PART 2, OBRENOVAC PART 3, BIJELJINA, BIJELJINA PART 2, OBRENOVAC PART 4, OBRENOVAC PART 5, OBRENOVAC PART 6, DOBOJ and OBRENOVAC PART 7.

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