November 30, 2011

Delivered help to the Raška area

Report: Darko Lojanicic, Serbia /SERBIAN REPORT/ /BILLS/ /PHOTO GALLERY/
A four-member team of the charity organization Serbs for Serbs from Belgrade visited on 19th and 20th of November three families in the Raška area. We got acquainted with the problems of the family Ješić (Jabuka, Prijepolje), we bought bathroom equipment to the Šalipur family (Priboj), and freezer, three-seater bed, and the construction material for the reconstruction of the barn to the Dimitrijević family (Jasenovo, Nova Varoš).
In the action we provided:
  • bathroom equipment – 26,300 dinars
  • freezer – 22,000 dinars
  • three-seater bed – 16,000 dinars
  • construction material for the reconstruction of the barn – 17,000 dinars
  • transportation costs – 3,000 dinars
  • travel costs – 6, 910 dinars.
On Saturday afternoon we arrived to the Žiča monastery. After short visit, we continued to the monastery Đurđevi Stupovi. A prior of the monastery Gerasim welcomed us like a true host. We decided to spend the night in Nova Varoš, and early in the morning headed to Prijepolje, where we attended the liturgy in the Mileševa monastery. The first satelite signal between Europe and North America contained the picture of the White angel from Mileševa.
We continued towards the Montenegro border line, to the settlement Jabuka, where we visited the Ješić family. It consists of the unemployed parent Nenad and Danijela, and the children: Milovan (13), Miljan (11), Srđan (7), Aleksandar (4), Danka (2) and Darko (one-month old). The family house collapsed in 2006, and the family has been living in the barrack, which is a part of the refugee center. The bigest problem they have faced recently was the electricity switched off, so they can't use the calorifier.
The action of providing a new house for the family is ongoing, and the house has already been found. The value of the house is 9,000 EUR. The social care director is trying to provide the money for the house, which would belong to the municipality, and the Ješić could be able to use it. The administration is not helping them.
After the Divac foundation provided the apartments to the refugees from Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Ješić family is the only one left in the barrack. They receive a children allowance in the amount of 8,000 dinars for four children, and the father is working for a wage. The children live in bad conditions, and they are getting sick. We promised to try to help them to buy a house, and latter equip it and buy domestic animals.
We encountered a church dedicated to Saint Elijah, which was consecrated this summer.
In the center of Priboj we visited the church of the Ressurection of Christ. We soon went to visit the Šalipur family, to whom we bought a freezer in the last action. This time we provided material for equiping the bathroom, in the amount of 26,300 dinars. We agreed with father Ljuba to provide help for the house insulation, to reduce the moisture in the walls.
We visited the monastery of Saint Nicholas and the church od Saint Elijah. After that we went to the village Jasenovo in the Nova Varoš municipality, the home of the Dimitrijević family. In the previous action we agreed to get them a freezer, three-seater bed and the construction material for reconstruction of the barn, in the total amount of 58,000 dinars. The biggest problem to the family is the lack of water in the house, so they must bring it from the spring 200 meters away from the house. We agreed to get them a pump and a hose to get the water into the house, and then a material for the bathroom and domestic animals.
We were satisfied with the action, and hoping that we made the life easier to these families.
With the faith in God,
Darko Lojaničić

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