January 30, 2015

Delivered help to families in Krajina

Charity organization Serbs for Serbs, with the help of the clergy of Serbian Orthodox Church, delivered in October help for nine families with many children in Lika, Banija and Dalmacija in territory of Krajina,which are visited at the end of September. Assisted families are Puskar (five sheep), Knezevic (two mattress with sheets and blankets), Plecas (construction materials), Drobac (wood burning stove), Grcic (material for bathroom), Joka (wood burning stove), Zelic (carpentry), Vukicevic(wainscoting), Maljkovic (bricks and PVC floor). Total amount of help was 4.940 euro.

Mihajlo Puskar (3 yrs.) thankful for donation of five sheep

Una (5 yrs.) And Luka (9 yrs.) Kneževic got new mattresses, sheets and blankets

Family Plecas were provided with construction material

Family Drobac wood stove delivered

The material for the renovation and equipping of the bathroom family Grcic

Family Joka is provideda wood stove

Carpentry for Zelic family

Ten years old Sanja Vukičević with special needs

Vukicevic family purchased the wainscoting in order to make marquee over the ramp for wheelchair because of special needs of their daughter Sanja

Maljkovic family are provided with a bricks and PVC floor to improving living conditions

We invite you to support work of Charity organization Serbs for Serbs in the coming period as you did, as well as future project for existence and a better life for our people in Krajina.

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