April 08, 2013

Delivered help for Serbs on Kosovo

Charity organization Serbs for Serbs sucessfully finished another Christmas action of helping Serbian people on southern Serbian province – Kosovo and Metohija. In cooperation with our friends from the organization Mother of nine Jugović from Gračanica, charity help of SfS in the amount of 800.000 dinars has been delivered in the past month to all the families. You can see a PHOTO GALLERY of the delivered help.

The help for the endangered Serbian families included: • Construction material for building a house • Material for equipping of the bathroom (tiles, toilet, sink) • Electric stove – 3 pieces • Washing machine – 3 pieces • Beds – 7 pieces • Water pump • Combined refrigerator – 2 pieces • Water heater • Double-decker bed with mattresses – 4 pieces • Three-winged wardrobe – 3 pieces • Storage heater. We are preparing a new action of help on Kosovo and Metohija in the scope of the traditional Easter action of our organization. We call upon all the people worldwide to support our charity work, by donating on a monthly basis, in order to provide continuous help. Children are our future! SERBS FOR SERBS

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