November 07, 2015

Cow for family Tasic from Kosovo and Metohija

Charity organization SERBS FOR SERBS in cooperation with the donors of the organization from Canada and EHO “Majka devet Jugovica” from Gracanica has successfully finished another project of help by providing a cow and a calf in the amount of 170.000 dinars for the five-member family Tasic from the Gnjilane village of Stanisor on Kosovo and Metohija. Family Tasic consists of parents Zoran and Ljubica and their three sons: Milos (1993), Marko (1995) and Ivan (1997). The sons are unemployed students, while father Zoran is working for a minimal salary, thus providing the survival of the family.

Delivery of a cow and a calf

We express our special gratitude to the donors from Toronto: Stanko Pavlovic, Marko Pavlovic, Bojan Popic, Branko Popic, Sinisa Marjanovic, Milos Baljozovic, Vuk Zrnic, Vid Stambolovic, Aleksandar Karamarkovic, Aleksandar Siljo and Sasa Krsmanovic.

Ljubica, Zoran, Marko and Milos Tasic with a cow and a calf

We call upon all the donors worldwide to DONATE ON A REGULAR MONTHLY BASIS and thus support this and other projects of the Charity organization SERBS FOR SERBS in order to provide the necessary help to the great number of the socially disadvantaged families and their children as soon as possible.

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