July 31, 2015

Cow bought for family Dimic from KiM

Report: Majka devet Jugovica
Difficult conditions for life and progress is an everyday occurrence today. However, good deeds increase the hope for better days. Our benefactors showed again how to sustain in the struggle for better tomorrow. Great friends and benefactors, Charity organization Serbs for Serbs from Belgrade recently informed us that Mr. Sasa Krsmanovic, a benefactor from Canada, wanted to help the socially disadvantaged family from the sacred Kosovo and Metohija by providing cattle.


Such a family wasn’t hard to find. Dalibor Dimic from Straza in the Novo Brdo Municipality is living with his wife and six children in dismal conditions. Due to their everyday struggle to sustain their children, they were immediately proposed for help. Our benefactor Mr. Sasa donated money to enable the buying of the cow for the family.




The Dimic family is using public kitchen, and like in many cases the warm meal they are getting there is the only meal of the day. The cow will give them milk which is very important for the children, but the family couldn’t afford it. The cow was bought for 220.000 dinars and the happy and pleased expresses on the family members’ faces showed us we did the right thing.



We point out that within the amount spent is also the donation from the organization Serbs for Serbs which allocated the means to buy the machine for washing of the equipment which was necessary for the public kitchen’s work. We often hear good news from our dear friends from this organization, which was now also the case, and we are immensely grateful for the support they are giving us. The news that we received help from distant America made us very pleased, and our benefactors throughout the world are showing the strength of the good will.


The only thing remaining is to show great respect and thank for everything done to these wonderful people, both Mr. Sasa and members of the fraternal organization Serbs for Serbs. Thank you for joining forces with us to keep the Serbhood and the Holy Land!

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