March 22, 2011

Convocation of the Serbian associations in the Middle Europe


SZS Serbian Report / SPOJI and VESTI Serbian Report

On 12th and 13th March 2011, a convocation of the Serbian associations from Middle Europe was held in Innsbruck. The Serbian Orthodox Youth – SPO(J)I was the host of the meeting. A total of five associations from Slovenia, Austria and Switzerland attended the meeting, and we are happy to announce that the members of the association „My Joy“ from Germany joined us.



We visited the grave of the great friend of Serbian nation, an Austrian women Diana Budisavljević, who saved 12.000 Serbian children from the concentration camps in the Independent State of Croatia during World War II.

The working part of the Convocation began by analyzing common actions we realized after the first gathering which took place in Wienna last year. We concluded that there have been both positive and negative experiences. We would like to extricate some of these:

1.      attending the memorial meeting dedicated to the victims of the concentration camp Jadovno, and the renewal of the memorial plaque in Šaranova jama

2.      joint charity actions in Krajina and Kosovo and Metohija, in which we delivered 6.100 EUR worth of help

3.      joint projection of the documentary “Serbs – the Nation that disappears”, held in Ljubljana, Innsbruck and Vienna.

Based upon the abovementioned activities, we consolidated our cooperation, and composed work plan for the following year, which envisions a series of joint actions, including charity, social and educational fields in ex-Yugoslavia, and many other activities in facing social challenges.

We adopted several principles in order to strenthen our connection. We will help the project of the Serbian Orthodox Youth Innsbruck – SPO(J)I to start a magazine called „SPOJI“ (Bring together), whose profit will be invested in joint and individual charity actions of these associations.

We also arranged to open a Facebook group, named „Sabor srpskih udruženja“, aimed to promote fellowship and cooperation in the Serbian nation. We would like to inspire other members in our diaspora to gather around the same principles, especially regarding the fields crutial to the survival of the Serbs in their homeland, and the preservation of the national identity abroad.

We use this opportunity to call our youth to follow our work in the internet presentations of our associations and to join one of them, in order to contribute to its nation and country.

Until the next meeting,

Brothers in Christ:

·         Charity organization „Nemanjići-Tićino“

·         Serbian Orthodox Youth – SPO(J)I

·         Serbian Information Platform – Vienna

·         Charity organization Serbs for Serbs

·         Serbian Society Zadužbina – Ljubljana

·         Charity Christian Community „My Joy“ - Stuttgart


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