March 08, 2013

Continued help for Serbs on Kosovo

Charity organization Serbs for Serbs made several remittances for the help to the Serbian endangered families who still live in the southern Serbian province Kosovo and Metohija. Within the recently conducted Christmas action we paid 622.312 dinars for the necessary furniture, and 170.000 dinars for the construction material for building a home of family Nikolić from the village Kusce near Gnjilane.

Upon the request of the Raška-Prizren and Kosovo and Metohija Eparchy, we paid 206.700 dinars for helping 11 Serbian families from the martyr village Talinovci near Uroševac, for providing wood-burning stoves. The action was conducted on Octobar 2012 in cooperation with the Charity organization Mother of nine Jugović from Gračanica, which provided 55m3 of firewood.

Thanks to the great friends of the organization from the stores SI and Kristal from Gračanica, we were able to pay in the period of 90 days. We use this opportunity to thank them for their help and understanding.

We also use this opportunity to call upon the Serbian people in Serbia and worldwide to make the donations and support the work of the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs so that we could organize new, big action of help to the remaining martyr Serbian people on the holy Serbian land for Easter!

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