July 03, 2012

Successful charity concert in London

On Saturday 23rd June 2012, a humanitarian concert in aid of Serbian families in Kosovo and Metohia, was organised at the famous and prestigious London live venue – The Borderline. Organised by Nikola Cobic (who lives in London), it featured performances from 4 London based bands – Princip, Lonely Bird, Eastroad, and Arhai. 3 out of 4 bands have at least one band-member who is Serbian. The idea is to raise funds for the Serbs through popular music and friendly gathering of Serbs and friends of Serbs in London.

The event was well attended, mostly by members of the Serbian community in London, but many English people as well. Those who could not attend were able to help the humanitarian cause by purchasing tickets online through established ticket sellers.

The concert started in the early evening, and first on were Arhai – a duo featuring Jovana Backovic (from Belgrade). Arhai play Balkan etno inspired music, modernised by synthesizers and a tambura. Next on were Eastroad – the only band on the night’s bill who didn’t have any Serbian members, but were willing to help the cause. Then it was turn for Lonely Bird, Daniel Trivic’s band. They played energetic and interesting alt/rock music, inspired by r’n’b, and well liked by the crowd. The headliners – Princip (www.facebook.com/principband) were next up. Their melodic pop-rock music, and great connection with the crowd was well received, and much dancing took place too. The culmination was when Princip raised a Serbian flag on stage, which was greeted by a massive cheers from the fans. As one girl in the audience said – “Oh, I only wish it lasted longer). A great night indeed.

Most importantly, the organisers managed to raise £810 (around 1000 Euros) for charity, which was almost immediately sent to Serbs For Serbs charity organisation, who have already brought it to the most needy families in Kosovo and Metohija.

This was only the first concert of this sort in London. Nikola Cobic has already said that there will be more to come, hopefully even bigger and stronger, and of course raising even more fund for all those Serbs who need it most.  

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