February 20, 2015

Christmas visit to Kosovo and Metohija

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In mid-January, the representatives of the Charity organization SERBS FOR SERBS went to the area of Kosovo and Metohija, and on this occasion visited 15 families and made a list of the things they need. As part of the traditional Christmas action, it is planned to provide the families with the most needed aid in the form of: tractor, motocultivator, construction material for houses and bathrooms, laminate, doors and windows, 7 wood-burning stoves, 5 electric stoves, 5 sofas, 4 fridges, 4 double-deck beds with mattresses, 3 goats, 2 washing machines, freezer, baby food and diapers, firewood, closet, dining table and chairs. We thank our friends from EHO Majka devet Jugovica, who helped us to successfully carry out another action in Kosovo and Metohija.

Our journey starts by visiting the Visoki Decani Monastery. We give the brotherhood of the monastery a laptop, sent by our donor from Sweden, which they will deliver to Stefan Blagojevic, a Theology student. Stefan is a refugee from Prizren, he is at university in Belgrade, and he lives in Aleksinac. His mother supports them, and his father is sick.

With the blessing, first we visit the Lukic family from Velika Hoca counting 11 members, the oldest ones being Miroslav and Jasminka. Their son Dalibor and his wife Milica have two children, Tomislav (6) and Veljko (1). The other son Mladen and his wife Jelena have two children, Radmila (5) and Teodora (2). The third son Ratko (25) also lives with them. This family lives in a communal household. They live on Welfare and Child Benefit, but they also work hard cultivating 1.2 ha of land, so our plan is to provide them with a tractor.

On our way to Stari Gracki, we visit the Zociste Monastery

Stefan and Sofija Markovic

After a short stay at the Zociste Monastery, the journey brings us to Staro Gradcko and the Markovic family. In a dilapidated house hit by pieces of shrapnel live the parents Milan and Ljiljana with their children Sofija (4) and Stefan (2). Three older family members also live with them. They have a newer house in the same yard, but it needs adapting, so our plan is to fit out the bathroom, provide laminate, front door and wood-burning stove.

We visit the Mihajlovic families in the village of Rabovce. The parents Bosko and Jelena have two daughters, Andjela (10) and Maja (8). Beside the modest Child Benefit, they support themselves by keeping 2 goats and a pig, so we agreed to provide them with two more goats and a wood-burning stove.

We visit the Trajkovic family in the village of Dobrotin. Andrija and Djurdjevka have three sons: Nenad, Nebojsa and the oldest Vladica, who is married to Jelena. They have two sons: Nikola (7) and Bosko (3). This multi-member family lives on Welfare and Child Benefit. Everybody is unemployed, they cultivate 1 ha of land and keep several pigs and goats. To make their everyday work easier, we decide that we are going to help this family by purchasing them motocultivator, fridge, sofa and wood-burning stove.

Baby Kristijan

In Gornja Gušterica, we reach the family of Miladinovic Goran and Sladjana, who have a son, Marko (23), married to Ana (25) and they have a one-year-old son, Kristijan. The Miladinović family lives only on Goran’s pension, in a very old and shabby house full of mold. A long time ago, they built a new house, but because of poor financial situation, they are unable to finish it and move into it. Although they expressed a wish for getting a sofa, fridge and wood-burning stove, at our suggestion, we decide to provide them with the necessary construction material and doors and windows, so that young parents could become independent.

Baby Bozidar

The last place we go to on the first day is Priluzje, where we visit the families Ilic and Banovic. Jovica and Marija Ilic have a baby, Bozidar, who is only two weeks old. They live in very hard conditions together with Jovica’s parents and they need clothes, baby food and diapers, firewood and electric stove.

The Banovic family consists of three members: the mother, Nadica, and her two sons, Strahinja (30), who is unemployed and Batric, who suffers from schizophrenia. What the family needs most at the moment is firewood and basic foodstuffs.

On the second day, we use the opportunity to see the new monument dedicated to King Milutin and visit the Gracanica Monastery.

We head towards the municipality of Vitina, and the first village on our way is Klokot. We visit the Spasic family: the father, Jadran, lives with his wife Vasilija and they have two children, Sergej (2) and Anastasija (7 months old). They live in one room and in very hard living conditions, so we decide to purchase them a double deck bed with mattresses, a wood-burning stove and a closet.

A young married couple Boban and Nastrija Dimic live in the village of Mogili. They do not have any income, they work in agriculture. They need a wood-burning stove, and the fit out of one room in the house into the bathroom, which they do not have at the moment.

The Krcmarevic family live in the village of Grncar, Vitina municipality. There are three brothers in the family: Bojan (34), Srdjan (37) and Sasa (30). Bojan is married to Slavica (27) and they have a son, Nikola (2). Talking to Bojan, who wishes to become independent, we decide to purchase them a fridge, a wood-burning stove and two sofas.

On our way to the next family, we pass through the municipality of Gnjilane, where we visit a church in a place called Partes.

In the remote village of Ljestar, we visit Tomislav Canic and his son, Marko, who, being 20 years old, is the youngest resident of this village. A washing machine and an electric stove are the things we are going to try to provide them.

Visiting the church in Kosovska Kamenica and talking to the priest, we hear about the Miljkovic family. We head towards them immediately, and the reason is that there are ten children in this family. The family lives in a place called Grizime. The parents Zoran and Mirjana have ten children: Jelena (23), Marko (22), Milos (21), Milan (15), Milena (13), Aleksandra (11), Dejan (9), Jovica (8), Danijela (7) and the youngest Sara (7 months). They are diligent and hard-working and they keep cows, goats and pigs. What this family needs the most is two double deck beds with mattresses.

Driving in the dark and the thick fog, we manage to reach the hamlet of Sumaci and visit the Stankovic family. There are four brothers in this family: Slavisa, Sinisa, Srdjan and Sreten. Only Sreten, his wife Nena and their three children, Milos (14), Marina (12) and Mihajlo (3) live on the estate, while the others are in Central Serbia at the moment. In order to encourage the other brothers to return to their family home, we are going to provide this family with an electric stove and a double deck bed with mattresses.

Not far from there, in the village of Slatina, we visit the family of Andrejevic Vlastimir and his wife Mirjana, who have two children, Viktor (4) and Marija (2). What they would find most useful and what would make their hard everyday lives easier is the purchase of an electric stove and a washing machine.

The last place we visit as part of the action is the village of Prekovce, where, after visiting the soup kitchen, we visit the Savic family. Srecko and Ivana have two children, Novak (3) and Nikolina, (2) and they live in a house which is in a very bad condition. They need electric stove, sofa, fridge and dining table and chairs.

The Maksic family from Gorazdevac consists of Ivan and Sanja and their children Aleksandra (17) and Andrea (11). We didn’t manage to visit the family, but we plan to help them by purchasing a freezer.

The plan is, as part of the Christmas action, to start soon with the extensive construction works on renovating the house of the Djordjevic family from the village of Sevce in Strpce municipality.

Every time we go to our southern province of Kosovo and Metohija, we hear about very hard and upsetting stories of the Serbian people, who is continually facing existential problems inconceivable in the 21st century. It is hard for us to see all that and hear about such sad stories, but it is even harder for our people to live in a hostile environment and without a clear aim to hope for.

Despite these problems, the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs calls upon all people of good will to get involved in the big Christmas action which is aimed at helping 50 families throughout Serbian countries.


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