January 27, 2012

Christmas SfS action in Vojvodina

Report: Mirjana Stevanovic /SERBIAN REPORT/ /BILLS/ /PHOTO GALLERY/
Within the great Christmas action in the Balkans, on Sunday, January 15th 2012, members and friends of the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs visited the teritorry of the northern Serbia. We visited the families Vasić, Medić, Ljiljak, Danjek and Milutinović, to donate gift packages to the children, and provide the groceries. We spent 117,902 dinars in the action. We use this opportunity to thank the friends from Bački Jarak, who provided gift packages for the families Danjek and Milutinović.
The help we provided consisted in the following:
groceries for the Vasić family – 23,688 dinars
gift packages for the families Vasić, Medić, Ljiljak (21 packages) – 14,700 dinars
groceries for the Danjek family – 20,253 dinars
double-decker bed, mattress and 2 closets for the Milutinović family – 50,584 dinars
gift packages for the families Danjek and Milutinović – donated by the friends of the organization from Bački Jarak
fuel and toll – 7,947 dinars
costs of the action – 730 dinars
Total amount spent: 117,902 dinars
The first family we visited was the family Vasić, a single mother with four children. We went to the market, and bought the groceries in the amount of 23,688 dinars. After that we saw that the children are doing the homework on time, despite the cold, so we delivered them the gift packages.
Nearby we went to the Medić family, consisting of the single mother and seven children. They were happy to welcome us, and they even woke up the one-year old Konstantin. These gestures of respect are very rare. The cutest moment was the thrill and smiles on the faces of the children while they were opening the packages.
Family Ljiljak, from the village Neuzine, also showed us respect, because although they don't have enough for themselves, they are happy to welcome the guests. Apart from the hosts, we could only see the youngest children, because the rest of them were fulfilling their tasks. This family is a true example of how the spirit and fellowship of the family are cherished. This hardworking family has the intention of increasing the food production, so we talked to them about the help in the distribution of the products.
After a short journey, we arrived in the Ravno Selo to visit the Danjek family. We provided groceries for them, in the amount of 20,253 dinars. The curious girls were happy to meet us and open the packages.
The last family we visited that day was the family Milutinović, five boys and a girl. Some of them have various disabilities, and all of them have very little experience and knowledge about the life outside the space in which they live. Therefore, meetings like this one, socialization and plays bring them smiles.
Goodness is the only treasure which increases by giving it!
With the faith in God, in these good guys, the poor who can enrich the others... we move on!
Mirjana Stevanović

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