January 19, 2012

Christmas SfS action – Republic of Srpska

Report: Friends from Prijedor, Republic of Srpska /SERBIAN REPORT/ /BILLS/
On Christmas Eve we conducted another sucesful action. Our plan was to cheer the youngest members of the families we helped so far, so we begun collecting the money for this action several days before. We collected a total amount of 480 KM, and we use this opportunity to thank our donors. Apart from the regular donors, the action was supported by the Cafe bar Tifani from Prijedor, Gynecology and birth department of the hospital in Prijedor, and the club supporter group Alcohol boys. We owe special thank to the brotherhood of the Klisina monastery and the biscuit factory Mira from Prijedor, which donated large amount of sweets which we brought to the children.
We were divided in two groups. One group visited the Kesar family from the village Jutrogošte, and the other group visited the family Vučković for the first time, from the village Koprivna (between Prijedor and Sanski Most).
The Kesar family was in a holiday mood. We got them the packages and a certain amount of flour, oil, pasta and hygiene. The money for the action was collected by our friends from the charity organization SD Zadužbina, who sent 125 EUR. We want to thank them in the name of the family Kesar.
Another group arrived in the Koprivna just in time to welcome the Christmas tree.
We met with the father of the Vučković family, Draško, in front of the church. After a short introduction, we went to their house, where we were welcomed by Draško's wife Bojana and their six children – daughters Anastasija (10), Dajana (8) and Jelena (6) and sons Dragan (7) and twins Stefan and Aleksandar (3). The family managed to build a house with the help of the neighbors, and they are currently using only the ground floor. However, Draško told us how it was difficult to live without isolation, in the cold and moisture. Unfortunately, it left the consequences on the twins Stefan and Aleksandar, who lagged behind their peers. We gave the packages to the children, and got the know with the situation in the family.
When we asked Draško about the future help we could provide, he told us that it was important that they are no longer cold, and that there are a lot of people who could use the help more. However, we found out that they had to sell a cow in order to pay the treatment of the twins, and that buying milk takes a lot of money. We will try to get them a cow as soon as possible.
After leaving the Vučković family, we visited the family Marjanović in the Petrovo village, whom we visited together with the first SfS group. The children were very happy to get the packages. Since we received the packages as a donation from the biscuit factory Mira and the monastery Klisina, we decided to spend part of the money for the Marjanović family on groceries in the amount of 210,35 KM. Another part of the money will be spent in one of the forthcoming actions.
Our next stop was the Zdjelar family. The host and the oldest son weren't at home, because they had to work, but the youngest were at home to receive the holiday packages.
The amount we spent in the action: groceries for the families Kesar (255,87 KM) and Marjanović (210,35 KM) and fuel (10 KM) – total 476,22 KM.
In the end we call upon all the people of good will to join us in our further work, and our donors to continue with their donations. The smiles of the children we visited on Christmas Eve are their thanks, because we owe only what we give to others.
With faith in God!
Friends from Prijedor

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