February 22, 2013

Christmas SfS action in Krajina

Report: Predrag Marinkovic, Serbia /SERBIAN REPORT/
The last activity in the scope of our big Christmas action has been finished by delivering help to the four families in Lika and Dalmacija. With the help of the friends of organization from Krajina, the action has been sucessfully conducted. We helped the families Trazivuk and Vujasinovic from Kistanje, family Calic from the village Brgut near Benkovac and family Kovacevic from Donji Lapac.
The help we delivered was in the amount of 2,050 EUR, and it consisted in the following:
  • a sow;
  • construction material;
  • roof tiles;
  • double-decker bed.
Our friends first visited and helped a four-member family of Milorad Kovacevic, who lives in the municipality Donji Lapac. We have helped this family several times before, and this time we recieved the request to get them a sow.
After that, we helped the families in Kistanje and Benkovac. Family Trazivuk consists of parents Branko and Biljana, and children Milica (11) and Teodora (6). Branko is working in the Krka monastery as a superintendent, while Biljana is engaged in the season jobs. Branko's mother, aunt and sister live with them. Since the salary of 200 EUR is not enough for them, Branko is also growing goats. He has an old barn, which he plans to spread, so we decided to get them the material for the roof of the barn.
Branko and Biljana Trazivuk
Family Vujasinovic consists of parents Dalibor and Nikolina and children Anđelina (6) and Jovan (3). Dalibor is also working as a superintendent, and has the same income as Branko. His grandmother is living with them. Nikolina is not employed. Dalibor commenced growing sheep several months ago, and he has a barn, in which the roof is in bad condition. Since he is planning to get more sheep, we decided to provide material for the barn. This family received help from the monastery Ocestovo, which donated old material which can be used for the barn.
Dalibor Vujasinovic with material
Both families are returnees, and they both plan to stay on their land, which was the main reason for helping them.
The last family our friends visited and helped was a six-member family Calic, whom we visited during our action in September. We decided to deliver a double-decker bed with mattresses, so that the youngest members of the family would have elementary conditions for a normal life.
Family Calic with double-decker bed with mattresses
By this humble activity in Krajina, we partly made the Christmas for our families happier. We also commence a new season of helping the returnee families in Krajina, which will continue after the Easter and at the beginning of autumn, like in the previous years.

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