February 10, 2014

Christmas SfS action in Korenica

In the scope of the big Christmas action, Charity organization Serbs for Serbs helped several families from the area of Krajina. Our first report is about the help in Korenica, where we visited two families: Panic and Suput. The total amount of help was 600 €.


Members of the Panic family are parents Milan and Milanka and their children Milena (21), Nevenka (18), Dragan (17) and Milos (13). We have helped this family several times before, and now we provided a combined refrigerator for them, which should make their everyday life easier.

Family Suput consists of parents Zeljko and Olivera and their sons Aleksandar (21) and Dusan (15). This was one of our visits in a row to this family. This time we brought a washing machine for them.  

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