January 28, 2013

Christmas present for family Mijatovic

On Epiphany Day, on January 19, the youngest members of the twelve-member family Mijatovic were finally able to receive a Christmas present from the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs – IMT 539 tractor, whose arrival interrupted the family lunch.
In the joint action of the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs, organization Save Displaced Serbs from California (who donated $2,000), and the friends of our organization from Toronto, who gathered $1,000 Canadian dollars (instead of the traditional presents for slava, they donated the money), under the slogan ONLY UNITY SAVES THE SERBS, an used IMT 539 tractor (2003) was bought in the amount of 4,000 EUR.
After buying the tractor at the family Konstantinovic from Sabac, who is one of the biggest providers of the fresh milk to the Creamery Sabac, and award winner, representatives of the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs headed toward the home of family Mijatovic in the village Macvanski Metkovic in Bogatic municipality.
The youngest members of the family were thrilled when they saw a tractor coming into the yard. The family consists of the parents Ilija and Ibojka, and the children Roksanda (18), Dusan (17), Uros (16), Sava (14), Suzana (12), Pavle (11), Andjelka (10), Vujadin (6), Jovana (5) and the youngest Ivana (2). The family receives a child benefit for four children, and social help in the total amount of 23,000 dinars. They own about 2 hectars of farm, a cow, heifer, two sows and chickens.
We use this opportunity to call upon all the Serbian organizations, Serbs around the world and good people to participate in the further programme of helping this family, which consists in further improvement of the mechanization for the agriculture, in order to provide secure future.
Apart from the tractor which has been provided, we propose the following mechanization:
-          Used trailer (approximately 1,200 EUR)
-          Mower (app. 1,000 EUR)
-          Sprinkler (app. 850 EUR)
-          Gear for baling hay (app. 3,500 EUR)
-          Tank for slurry (app. 2,100 EUR)
-          Harrow (app. 600 EUR)
-          Rake (app. 600 EUR)
-          Greenhouse 50x5 metres (app. 600 EUR)
-          Buying 2 hectars of farm (app. 5,000 EUR).
We call upon all the authorized local and state institutions of the Republic of Serbia, businessmen, donors and good people to participate in further actions of our organization and provide at least part of the necessary mechanization so that this large Serbian family could work and provide better life.

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