January 16, 2013

Christmas help for family Vuckovic

Report: SFS Republic of Srpska /SERBIAN REPORT/ /BILLS/
After less than a year from our first visit to the eight-member family Vuckovic from the village Koprivno near Prijedor, we managed to finish the biggest action so far conducted in the Prijedor region, and to provide a tractor to this family. This is the second action of buying a tractor to the families in the Republic of Srpska and B&H which has been successfully finished. Let us remember, at the begining of 2011, family Ekmecic from the village Prebilovci in Herzegovina also received a tractor and additional mechanization.
We visited the Vuckovic family for the first time on Christmas Еve 2012, within the Christmas action, when we donated gift packages to the youngest members of the family – Anastasija, Dajana, Jelena, Dragan, Stefan and Aleksandar. We agreed then with father Drasko about the further help of buying a cow in order to provide milk for the children. However, Drasko couldn't build a barn, we decided to buy him a tractor.
Draško told us he managed to provide food and firewood, and that he can now wait for the spring peacefully thanks to tractor. He managed to plant wheat on his farm near Sanski Most, which he was forced to leave in 1995, and he also plans to plant corn. He provided some additional mechanization, and he is also planing some forms of using the tractor in order to increase his income.
The value of the tractor was 5,500 KM, which has been paid in 4 installments:
1,880 KM – 25.9.2012.
1,772.25 KM – 5.11.2012.
400 KM – 13.12.2012.
1,498 KM – 26.12.2012.
Drasko's next plan is to build a barn, and conduct some additional works around the house. We would like to express the gratitude of family Vuckovic to all the donors of our organization. This donation will enable the family to provide a normal life for their children.
With faith in God!
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Republic of Srpska
If you want to support some of the forthcoming projects within Christmas action 2013, you can make a donation HERE.

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