February 28, 2014

Christmas help arrived at Kistanje

Charity organization Serbs for Serbs in the scope of the big Christmas action helped several families in Krajina, among whom were the families Djilas and Djomlija from Kistanje. We provided construction material for family Djilas, for the reconstruction of the roof in the amount of 900 €, while family Djomlija received baby food, package of groceries and hygiene, and firewood in the amount of 300 €.

Family Djilas in front of their home

Family Djilas consists of two brothers with their wives, children and mother. Nedjo and Maja Djilas have sons Mihajlo (4) and Sasa (2). Obrad and Marija Djilas have children Olja (15) and Stefan (13). Older brother Obrad is the only employed in the bakery, while the rest of them work during the season for a wage. The existing roof is in bad condition, so we decided to provide construction material for them to resolve that problem.

Family Djomlija with SFS help

Parents Radovan and Danijela Djomlija have a son Nikola. They returned to Kistanje a few years ago, and now they are renting a place where they live. We provided firewood, baby equipment and a package of groceries and hygiene.  

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