January 22, 2014

Christmas gift packages and new visits

Members of the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs from Novi Sad visited on January 4 families Danjek, Novakovic and Vujakovic in Backa, with the aim of delivering them the Christmas packages and getting to know their situation.


The first family we visited was family Danjek in Ravno Selo, whom we have been helping for a while. We built a bathroom for the family last year. On this occasion we only paid a short visit to deliver gift packages. We didn’t announce our visit, so that the children would be surprised and they were thrilled.




After family Danjek, we visited family Novakovic from Doroslov. The family consists of parents Mile (stepfather) and Nikoleta and the children Predrag (16), Alisa (10), Aleksandra (10) and Matija (8). They live as subtenants, and pay a rent of 30 €. The owner of the house is selling it for 3.000 €. The only job they have is a wage during the summer. The family is one of the tidiest we ever met. Their attitude is that the lack of money is no exuce for negligence. Their biggest problem is related to the house, because they have no permanent income. They also need beds for the children and closets. The family could be engaged in agriculture. They have some poultry at the moment.









After visiting family Novakovic, we went to Sombor to visit family Vujakovic. It is an eleven-member family, which consists of father Savo, mother Jelica, and their children: Dragan (19), Sinisa (18), Milica (18), Srdjana (17), Slavica (16), Miljana (13), Bozana (11) and Savo (10). This family also pays rent, 70 € per month. Their income consists of the social benefit in the amount of 18.000 dinars. The mother is very sick, and she can’t work. She has had two heart attacks, and she is a diabetic. Her health condition requires permanent treatment. The family needs a house, and we understood that the house in the outskirts of Sombor can be found for 5.000 €. A few years ago a benefactor bought them a house, but due to the unresolved proprietary relations, they never moved in, and that issue is brought before the court. That house is in bad condition.




The family needs a lot of things, but clothing for the children above all. All the children go to school and they are good pupils. We donated seven gift packages for them full of sweets, toys and memory games.


We managed to organize the action of donating gift packages with the help of our friends from the foundation Osmeh na dar, to whom we are very grateful.

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