February 20, 2016

Christmas delivery of help in Krajina

As in previous years, the Serbian returnees in the area of Krajina received help from the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs. Members of the organization from Serbia and Germany visited the most disadvantaged ones in the areas of Dalmacija, Lika and Banija in the three-day action. We helped a total of ten families and the amount of help was 8,700 EUR.

View on the mountain Velebit

Family Vuinovic

Family Vuinovic received the freezer and the gas stove

The first stop of our visit was Dalmacija, Knin to be precise. In that area we first visited family Vuinovic from the Plavno village consisting of father Dusan, mother Nedeljka and their children: Nikola (10) and Marina (1). We delivered a freezer and a gas stove in the amount of 700 EUR to family Vuinovic.

Family Djujic near the provided front door

After that we visited family Djujic in Knin. Father Zeljko, mother Branka and sons Nikola (23) and Ilija (20) received a front door in the amount of 500 EUR.

Family Grubic

Pigs for breeding were delivered to family Grubic

We continued our visit with family Grubic who were helped by pigs for breeding in the amount of 400 EUR. Family Grubic consists of: father Milan and mother Ivana, Matej (2) and Angelina (10 months).

Family Djujic

Family Djujic received new carpentry

We finished the first day of visit with Rajko and Jelena Djujic. Together with their son Milos (21) and daughter Nikolina (12), they were rejoiced by the new carpentry for the house in the amount of 800 EUR.

View on Obrovac

Tower in Zegar

During the second day we continued our visit to Dalmacija, on the relation Obrovac-Benkovac-Kistanje. We used that day to visit the families we had helped and note the families we could perhaps help within the Easter action.

Family Oluic is richer by the wood-burning stove and the combined stove

To family Oluic from the Obrovac surrounding consisting of parents Branko and Marija and the children Milan (18), Milica (14), Dejan (5) and Marko (1) we delivered wood-burning stove and combined stove (gas and electricity) in the amount of 850 EUR.

Family Ogar

New carpentry on the upper floor of the Ogar family house

From there we moved on to Muskovci village to visit family Ogar. We helped the parents Spiro and Bozena and their children Ognjen (2) and Djurdjica (7 months) by delivering carpentry for arranging upper floor in the house. The amount of help was 1,000 EUR.

Family Draca received material for the roof

In Benkovac we visited family Draca consisting of: father Davor, mother Biljana, children: Milovan (married, wife Ruzica, son Aleksandar (1)), Mirko (19), Ana (12), Luka (6) and Bozica (2). We delivered them the material for the roof in the amount of 350 EUR.

Family Bjelanovic

Bjelanovic family received material for the house

On this occasion we were again welcomed homely and with a wide smile by family Bjelanovic. They received the rest of the construction material for finishing the upgrade of the house in the amount of 1,800 EUR. Nedjo and Milena can now finally move into the new rooms, and Aleksandar (9), Sara (7), Jovana (5) and baby Ilija (1) can rejoice due to their separate rooms.

Beautiful sight in the surrounding of Knin

On the third day we continued towards Lika and Banija and thus completed the three-day visit to the helped families.

Family Ljiljak with new tractor connection

From Obrovac we moved towards Donji Lapac where we visited family Ljiljak. They received help consisting of the tractor connection, more precisely the machine for crushing thorns and arrangement of the fertile land in the amount of 1,300 EUR. We used the opportunity to stay a bit longer and to socialize with our host Steva, his spouse Valentina and children Tijana (13), Daria (12) and Danijela (7).

Family Kljajic

Family Kljajic received the front door and the gas stove

The last family we visited in this Christmas action was family Kljajic. Mother Danijela and children: Jelena (17), Milan (15), Nikola (12) and Danijel (8) rejoiced over the new gas stove and front door in the amount of 1,000 EUR.

Serbs for Serbs on the fortress in Knin

We extend our cordial thank to all the families we visited on the warm and homely welcome and we look forward to new encounter. We use this opportunity to thank the effort and devotion to the priesthood of the Eparchies of Gornji Karlovac and Dalmacija.

Gratitude of the youngest members of the Ljiljak family to all the donors of the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs

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