January 29, 2013

Christmas action on Kosovo and Metohija

Report: Predrag Markovic, Serbia /SERBIAN REPORT/ /PHOTO GALLERY/
New Christmas action of visiting and helping the Serbian families on Kosovo and Metohija was conducted on Epiphany, January 19. The tension in southern Serbia and the threats to Serbs weren’t able to discourage the members of the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs who managed to visit ten families and get to know their problems.
The help in the amount of approximately 7,000 EUR is going to be provided in the forthcoming period:
  • Construction material
  • Material for equiping the bathroom (bathroom tiles, toilet, sink)
  • Three electric stoves
  • Three washing machines
  • Seven beds
  • Water pump
  • Two combined refrigerators
  • Water heater
  • Four double-decker beds with mattresses
  • Three three-wingedwardrobes
  • Storage heater
After several months, we seized an opportunity to come back and help our compatriots to survive on Kosovo and Metohija. The support to our people to stay in their homes was the primary motive of our visit, apart from the desire to enable the Serbian families and their children the elementary conditions for life in the XXI century according to our possibilities.
We conducted the action with the help of our friends of the Charity organization Mother of nine Jugovic from Gracanica, to whom we thank, and without whom our visit wouldn’t be possible.
The first of the three families we visited in the village Kusce was family Nikolic. The family lives with son Pavle (2) and the relatives. Due to the unresolved family problems, father of the family, Aleksandar, has commenced building a new house, near the existing one, in order to start a new life with his family. We plan to provide construction material for family Nikolic, and after the house is ready, the family plans to have more children.
The next family we visited was the family Djordjevic. The family was busy preparing their slava at the moment of our visit. The parents live with their son, because all three daughters are married. All of them live on Kosovo and Metohija. Like most of the families, family Djordjevic depends on a minimal income. We planned to get them material for the bathroom, and an electric stove.
The last family in the village Kusce we visited was the family Trajkovic. Instead of the parents Dragoljub and Lozica, their daughter Danijela (24) welcomed us. The family also consists of sons Dalibor (22) and Lazar (19), who are studying in Nis. The family doesn’t have water in the bathroom, so we decided to get them a water pump, washing machine and two beds.
After leaving Kusce, we went to the village Zebince and the family of Zika and Ana Kostic. The family has four children: Tijana (8), Mihajlo (6), Aleksandar (4) and Danica (2). They live in dilapidated house, left from the late relative, which they use for the time being. Bearing in mind that the family doesn’t own the house, we decided to provide the thing they can use in the case they need to move. Three beds, wood-burning stove and a refrigerator will make their life easier at least a little bit. We also decided to fulfill the desire of the youngest and get several toys for them when we deliver most of the help.
On our way to Gracanica, we stopped by at the village Kuzmin, where we visited the family of Zivorad and Violeta Stojkovic and their five sons: Nikola (14), Andrija (12), Bojan (10), Oliver (8) and Strahinja (2). After talking to the parents, we agreed to provide a wood-burning stove for the family.
The last family we visited on the first day of our visit lives in Gracanica. We have already helped the family Arsic, consisting of the parents Ljubinka and Snezana, and their two children Bojan (27) and Andrijana (23), two years ago. Unfortunately, the family still lives in difficult situation, especially since none of the family members has a job. Due to such difficult conditions, we planned to get them a washing machine, and a water heater.
On the second day of our visit, we visited the area north of Kosovska Mitrovica for the first time. We first visited the families of two future priests, who live in the newly-built building in Suvi Do.
Families Stankovic and Stojanovic, whose fathers are godfathers and future priests, are displaced persons, who have recently been moved to the apartments built by the Republic of Serbia. Darko and Julija Stankovic live with their three children: Stefan (5), Teodor (3) and Ksenija (1,5). The apartment is partly equiped, so they asked us to provide double-decker bed for the youngest, wardrobe and an electric stove.
On the floor above we visited family Stojanovic, consisting of parents Nenad and Tatjana and their two children: Dimitrije (4) and Filip (2). Tatjana is about to give birth to another child. This young couple also depends on the social help. They also need furniture, so we decided to get them a double-decker bed and a wardrobe.
We finished the action by visiting family Sinadinovic from Zubin Potok. The family lives in truly difficult conditions. Grandmother Zivana and mother Blazica are trying to satisfy the needs of Ivana (15), Jovana (12), twins Miljan and Miljana (7) and Blagoje (6). Unfortunately, the father of the family died, and the family is left on its own. Due to the very difficult material condition and the illness of mother Blazica, we planned to provide: two double-decker beds, refrigerator, electric stove, bed and a wardrobe.
At the end, we single out the special request of our hosts of the organization Mother of nine Jugovic to help family Radunovic from Zubin Potok. Although the family doesn’t fulfill our criteria for help, giving the circumstances, we decided to get them a storage heater and a bed.
The struggle for better tomorrow of the Serbian people continues. As for us, we will try to help our compatriots to stay and survive on Kosovo and Metohija. We wish to point out to the difficult life of the Serbian families in the enclaves. We call upon all the good people and patriots to help us make the life of the Serbs on Kosovo and Metohija easier.

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