January 18, 2012

Christmas Action in the Stamenkovic home

Members of the Serbs for Serbs organization from Beograd visited the nine member Stamenkovic family from Petlovo Brdo. During this visit, they were given a combination refrigerator-freezer (24,000 dinars, aprox. $290) and a vacuum cleaner (4,700 dinars, aprox. $57). The children received holiday packets and small icons. With this visit, we have completed our Christmas Actions in Beograd during which our members visited and helped 4 families.
We are gathering in the afternoon, tired from previous evening New Years Eve celebrations. We arrive in Petlovo Brdo where the Stamenkovic family is anxiously awaiting our arrival. The children were very excited by the holiday packets and immediately started peeking into them.
We had a brief conversation with the father Vitomir and mother Nedeljka, who expressed their gratitude for our organization and all of the donors who provided them with help. We have visited the Stamenkovic family twice before when we helped them with groceries, hygiene product and other basic necessities.
Not being able to stay any longer, with say our goodbyes to the Stamenkovic family and promise we will come to visit again.
List of items obtained for help:
Refrigerator-freezer – 24,000 dinars (aprox. $290)
Vacuum cleaner – 4,700 dinars (aprox. $57)
7 holiday packets – 4,900 dinars (aprox. $ 60)
Total = 33,600 dinars (aprox. $410)
The humanitarian organization Serbs for Serbs from Beograd would like to thank all friends and donors who have contributed to the Christmas Action in which we were able to help 4 multi-member families and bring smiles the faces of 28 children.
Children are our future! Never Surrender!

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