January 26, 2016

Christmas action in Prijedor

As was the case in previous years, the Christmas action of the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs gathered numerous Prijedor residents to collect 530.70 BAM in order to help the most disadvantaged large families from the Prijedor region. The helped families are: Marjanovic, Zdjelar, Vuckovic, and Davidovic. The families received aid consisting of basic groceries and hygiene packages, and youngest got santa sacks, which made them very happy. The total value of the aid was 493 BAM.

   Santa sacks for the youngest We had helped the families Marjanovic, Zdjelar, Vuckovic, and Davidovic several times before in our previous actions. Dragan and his wife Mira Marjanovic have ten beautiful children: Nenad (3), Svetlana (5), Predrag (8), Zeljko (10), Dragan (13), Jelena (15), Zeljka (16), Marinko (17), Suzana (19), and Dragana (23). We had helped the Marjanovics earlier by purchasing land, chainsaw and food packages.  Youngest Marjanovics with santa sacks We had helped the Vuckovic family earlier by purchasing a tractor. The family consists of the parents, Drasko and Bojana, and their six children: daughters Anastasija (14), Dajana (12), and Jelena (10), and sons Dragan (11), and the twins Stefan and Aleksandar (7).  Serbs for Serbs visiting Vuckovic family We had helped the Zdjelars by purchasing food packages. The Zdjelar family consists of the parents, Mico and Milena, and their children, Zeljko (22), Dragan (14), Dragana (10), Zeljka (7), and the youngest Miroslav (5). Unfortunately, the situation with the Zdjelars has not changed since our last visits. The seven of them still live in a shed of about 10m2, and due to property issues and the negligence of the father of the family, this family remains without specific aid of our organization.  Food, hygiene products and santa sacks for the Zdjelar family The last family we visited was the Davidovic family, consisting of the parents, Dalibor and Vesna, and their four children: Nikolina (8), Dejan (6), Natasa (5), and Pavle (2). The plan for this Christmas action was to buy this family a tractor. Once again, we saw the necessity of purchasing a tractor for this family, because the snow made the road impassable and we had to postpone our visit several times until it was possible for us to reach them  Davidovic family The total cost of the action was 493 BAM, and the remaining amount collected in the action will be directed to purchasing a tractor for the Davidovic family. The action raised 530.70 BAM, and several packages of food and clothes. If we add the amount of 657.70 BAM, which was raised at the charity party in December, 2015, and which will be spent on purchasing a tractor for the Davidovic family, we can say that Prijedor residents have passed a real test in humaneness. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all friends and donors of the organization, especially Kafanica café, Sanus café, and Nostro Uomo café for their donations, and also invite everybody to support the work of our organization in the way they can. Children are our future! With faith in God! SZS Republic of Srpska

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