February 22, 2014

Christmas action in Banija

Charity organization Serbs for Serbs helped family Sestic from Banija (village Komogovina) within the big Christmas action in Krajina. Members of the family are father Djuka, his wife Ljubica, and their children Milica (10), Milos (8) and Radovan (6). We helped the family by providing construction material for the adaptation of the house in the amount of 700 €.

Milos, Radovan and Milica Sestic

Radovan, Milica and Milos Sestic are the only children in the village Komogovina. They live next to the monastery Komogovina. The whole family is doing agriculture, and their life is very difficult. The children don't have beds and mattresses, and they can only dream of computer.

Little Radovan helping his father Djuka

We call upon all the donors worldwide to continue supporting the projects of the organization Serbs for Serbs in order for help to reach the vast number of endangered families accross Balkan.  

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