January 18, 2012

Chrismas Action continues in Belgrade

The Christmas Action continues! We visited two more Belgrade families in the suburbs of Vinca and Mali Mokri Lug. First we visited the Atanaskovic family who we’ve helped before and then we visited the Vranic family, who we are helping for the first time by delivering basic home necessities in the value of 20,000 dinars (aprox. $240). We took the opportunity to deliver to all of the children holiday packets and small icons. This was all to be part of the overall Christmas action plan occurring in Kosovo & Metohija, Krajina, FYR Macedonia, Raska and Vojvodina.
The four person Serbs for Serbs team first headed for Vinca to visit the Atanaskovic family. We were greated by the mother Dragica and her four dear children. We have previously visited the Atanaskovic family to deliver help so this time we visited to deliver holiday packets to the children, to their extreme delight.
While the children were looking through their holiday packets, their mother Dragica was showing us their new, properly installed electrical wiring, so that now they can finally relax and not have to worry about their home setting on fire. We remind you that until recently, the Atanaskovic home has absolutely horrible electrical wiring. Unfortunately, the situation is still dire as that the mother is still struggling to provide for her family.
Towards the end of our visit it was time to take a few group photos for which the little Atanaskovic children split into two camps, Red Star and Partizan. Ultimately, Ljeposava did not want to take a photograph together with her brother while he was wearing a Partizan scarf. After a little persuading, her brother finally gave in to his sister and showed he was a true gentlman.
We continue on toward Mali Mokri Lug to visit the family of Dragoslav Vranic and his 10 children. We previously visited the Vranic family back in December. This time we decided to deliver them some basic groceries/necessities, hygiene products and diapers in this time of cold weather. For this help, we set aside 20,000 dinars (aprox. $240).
After finishing the shopping, we all sat and spoke with the Vranic’s in their home. Ofcourse, here too we provided holiday packets and small icons for all of the children which brought great joy to all of the kids. In completing our mission here, were given a beautifully decorated bottle for rakija as a gift. With thanks, we say our goodbyes to the Vranic’s and slowly head out.
Expenditures for the action:
14 holiday packets: 9,800 dinars (aprox. $ 120)
basic groceries and necessities: 20,000 dinars (aprox. $240)
While we are returning home, we are filled with satisfaction because of yet another completed mission in a line of many. We are also giving words of thanks to all of the good people world wide who are allowing us to bring smiles to faces of all of these children.
This is just one small part of the many planned activities for this months Christmas Action. Soon you can expect more reports from different parts of the Balkans where there are Serbian people and unfortunately many social and other problems. While remaining still, nothing can be accomplished, that is why we will continue to work together, fully committed.

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