March 14, 2012

Children from Krajina visiting Wienna

Report: SFS Austria and SPKD Prosvjeta /SERBIAN REPORT/
After the preparations that took several months and a canceled arrival due to financial problems, 16 children from Kordun, Krajina, members of the children folklore ensamble SKD Vrginmost, spent several days (from March 2-4) in Wienna, thanks to the selfless engagement of the Church municipality  Saint Sava in Wienna, numerous societies (among which the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs and SPKD Prosvjeta), numerous parishionersof the temple of Saint Sava, and the families which co-sponsored the project and hosted the children in their homes.
On Friday, March 2, 2012, the church home of the Saint Sava temple organized a welcome to our young guests, attended primarily by the families-hosts. Mrs Borka Galogaža, the secretary of the SKD Vrginmost and Mr Željko Gašić, vice-president of the SPKD Prosvjeta held opening statements. Mrs Vjera Rašković-Zec talked about the history of Krajina, and the destiny of its people, and after the poem From grave to grave on Kordun, people were thrilled and cried. During the evening, Mr Mile Obradović, vice-president of the SKUD Vrginmost presented the custom of proposing to a girl in Kordun.
On the next day, the members of the Austrian Prosvjeta took the children to a sightseeing, and late afternoon they went to Fezendorf, where the children from Krajina participated on the 2. Children Festival of Serbian Folklore. The children ensemble of the SKD Vrginmost showed the dance Kordun, and a dance from Vojvodina.
We would like to emphasize that the organizer of the manifestation – KUD Stevan Mokranjac – not only helped the children, but also our organization, enabling us to have a free stand during the manifestation, where we could present our work and raise donations. People of good will donated 136 EUR.
On Sunday, March 4, the participants of the project gathered in front of the temple of Saint Sava, and we would like to single out again the 10 families that hosted the children from Krajina, and Mr Vladan Radovanović and his family, the owner of the restaurant Gabel&Co, who supported this project, hosted two children, and received the guests in the wonderful milieu of his restaurant.
After the cordial goodbye, our guests left to the castle Senbrun, and then to Krajina.
In the name of our two fraternal organizations we would like to thank again to the Church municipality Saint Sava, priests and parishioners of the temple of Saint Sava in Wienna, Association of Serbs from Istra, Association of people from Krajina from Pančevo, and the families and individuals without whom this wouldn't be possible, and to emphasize the need for greater coordination of Serbs in diaspora and Serbs in the Serbian land, in opportunities like these, among other things.

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