October 03, 2016

Chickens for Janicic and Sukovic families from Montenegro

Charity organization Serbs for Serbs
, at the end of september has helped multi-children families Jancic and Sukovic, from Herceg Novi. Members of the Jancic family are single father Ivan, children Nemanja (11), Milica (10), Mirjana (9), Vasilije (7) and grandma Radica. Parents of the Sukovic family, Andrija and Snezana have four children: Andrijana (18), Nikolina (16), Marina (13) and the youngest Ivana (3). For both families we bought 15 hens and sack of food for the chickens.  Total value of the help that was bought was 230 EUR. This is the second time that we helped Jancic and Sukovic families, and the means were provided by the tournament „Trojka iz bloka”, that was held on the 24th of july in Herceg Novi, on the court on Karaca.

Brothers Nemanja and Vasilije Jancic

Vasilije Jancic was happy to welcome hens and started to play with them immediately

Nikolina and Ivana Sukovic with hens
We invite all the people who are interested to join and help the projects of the Charity Organization Serbs for Serbs, whose aim is to help socially disadvantaged Serbian multi-children families across the Balkan.

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