July 28, 2016

Charity tournament held in Zemun

From July 11 to 18, 2016, the 2nd Memorial Soccer Tournament “Nemanja Ljubicic Svaba” was held at the courts of HC Zemun. 18 teams competed in the tournament, and the winning team was Blackburn. As part of the tournament, table tennis tournament with 24 competitors was also held. Afterwards there was a gathering at Bane Naja Gril restaurant, where cauldron soup was served, and the money raised at the event also went to charity. The total amount, raised at soccer tournament and table tennis tournament, as well as charity cauldron, is 43,420 RSD and $ 20. All the money will be used for helping multiple children families, as part of the project “Children are our future”.

We would like to thank all tournament participants, and also the people who supported this project. We owe special gratitude to the friends of the tournament: SZTR Merak Product, Caffe Pikado „Semlin" Bar, DOO Nikola Promet, Caffe Pizzeria “Ortak”, HC Zemun, Bane Naja Gril, and Pit Bull MMA by Dusan Dzakic.

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