October 27, 2016

Charity gathering in Calgary, Canada

In the hall of the Serbian church of St. Simeon, Serbian community in Calgary held a charity party called “A few years for us”. Party was organized by members of Serbos, a group of long-term donators to Charity organization Serbs for Serbs from Calgary and the members of Calgary’s St. Simeon parish CSO. Party was conducted in the spirit of rock and pop scene of 80’s, with the release of the hits of that time and showing video clips. Party was helped by selflessly volunteers of the Circle of the Serbian Sisters, which prepared cakes, pancakes and coffee, and by volunteers at the grill, at the entrance, at the bar, and, of course, a DJ.


During the evening, members of Serbosi took the opportunity to present the work of charity Serbs for Serbs and what it has achieved in the last 11 years. From the funds raised that evening, 1,000 CAD was donated to the Canadian branch of Serbs for Serbs, while the remainder was directed to the Calgary church building fund. During the evening, Serbos members took opportunity to present a short speech about work, achievements and goals of the charity organization Serbs for Serbs which they weight daily for last ten years. http://www.srbizasrbe.org/wp-content/themes/szs-theme/images/Kanada/2016/kalgari4.jpg

Serbosi is grateful for the church’s support in providing food, drinks and use of the church hall for the evening.

http://www.srbizasrbe.org/wp-content/themes/szs-theme/images/Kanada/2016/kalgari3.jpg http://www.srbizasrbe.org/wp-content/themes/szs-theme/images/Kanada/2016/kalgari2.jpg

We hope that such fundraising endeavours, dedicated to helping impoverished Serbian children and their families, will become an annual tradition for Calgary Serbs.



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