June 16, 2016

Charity event in Germany

On Saturday, June 11, 2016, KUD Drina from Augsburg hosted the “2nd folklore evening of the Drina”. The hall was full of people who came to enjoy the songs and the dances of older and younger folklore dancers. Children performed their choreographies, showing that the Serbian diaspora did not forget their customs and origins. Among those who performed at the event were: KUD “Jugos” and SKU “Rastko” from Munich, SKU “Svilen Konac” from Ingolstadt, SKUD “Mladost” from Rosenheim, KUD “Sveti Sava” and the host KUD “Drina” from Augsburg.

Charity organization Serbs for Serbs also had the honor to attend the event. We were given a spot inside the hall to present our leaflets, flags and a collection box. People were constantly approaching us, wishing to talk to us. There were also familiar faces that we had met at previous events.

Children were a bit intimidated at first, but then they came to us and looked at our stand with all kinds of souvenirs. They devotedly helped us blow balloons and align t-shirts, and in return asked for the balloons to play with them. The atmosphere was great the whole evening, with sincere smiles, kind words and support for our work. 

602 Euro of donations were collected that evening. A big thank you to all good people who donated the money that evening, and also the children, who helped us and made our stay memorable! Also, a big thank you to all members of KUD “Drina” for inviting us to this lovely gathering, and making our evening truly wonderful.

Children are our future!   

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