March 01, 2016

Charity evening in Switzerland

On the charity evening in Lausanne organized by the members of the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs Switzerland on February 27, 2016 a total of 1,020 CHF was collected. The programme of the evening commenced by the presentation of the work of the organization since its beginning until today, and afterwards the documentary on the ten-year work of the organization Serbs for Serbs was projected for the first time in Switzerland. After that, the socialization was continued with the pancake feast.

 Serbs for Serbs Switzerland

 Preparing the charity pancakes  Members of the Swiss branch of the charity organization were exchanging views with the donors on further cooperation and possible ways of spreading the noble action “Children are our future” in the French-speaking area of Switzerland where the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs directed an event for the first time.    The organization owes great thank to the Alpine Club of Switzerland who ceded its banquet hall with an additional discount on the already offered discount, as well as the city authorities of Lausanne which have decided to rid us of all administrative expenses and taxes for the organization of the event.   Momir Novakovic, PR of SZS Switzerland

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