December 31, 2016

Cekic family will be soon in the new part of the house

We found out about Cekic family from our friends from Serbian organization „Bastionik“ from Banja Luka, who contacted us with a plead to help this family. „Bastionik“ has helped them as well, on Christmas Eve, when they brought them packages of personal hygiene items and food. In this family, nobody has permanent employment, and the only certain source of income is 240 BAM of social aid. Besides that, father and the oldest sons, try to make some additional income by working seasonal jobs, so that they could live at least a bit better. Furthermore, they raise sheeps and pigs, which were also given to them as help from all the good people, and they grow some vegetables on the land that they own besides the house. A condition of the house in March 2016 The building was finished in December 2016 – We installed 16 new PVC windows, as well as front doors, we plastered 250sqm of walls, we built complete water supply network and bought much needed sanitary equipment for bathroom Inner space in the house where children used to spend their time –march 2016

During our visit, we had a chance to see how impeccably this mother takes care of her children, because the kids are so well behaved, beautifully dressed, and all of them have good grades. Their parish priest Goran Kovacevic, who was our host, and who took us to visit them, said that the family lives obeying God’s laws, that they come regularly to church, that they are fasting, and that they receive holy communion regularly. The biggest problem for this family is their practically uninhabitable house. With a help of the friends, the first floor of the house was finished, but without a roof, unplastered, uninsulated, without floors, with carpentry that was installed poorly. All of this was a huge problem during the winter and autumn, because it was too cold, and water was leaking everywhere. Walls were plastered and the floor screed was put in place Executed preparatory works on a future bathroom Youngest members of the family, with their mother Mirela, in a reconstructed part of the house Representatives of organizations, with friends from Banja Luka, visit the house while the work is still in progress Milica, Marija and Maja Cekic Youngest child – Vasilije Cekic During our conversation with Djuro Cekic, father of this family, in front of their home

Cekic family would like to thank immensely to all the donators from Windsor, Canada, and to members of the charity organization Serbs for Serbs on the help that was necessary for them. By providing construction material, their children will have more decent living conditions. We invite all the people who are interested to join and help the projects of the Charity Organization Serbs for Serbs, whose aim is to help socially disadvantaged Serbian multi-children families across the Balkan.

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