February 05, 2015

Buying of land for family Marjanovic

During November 2014 the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs realized another great project – help in buying a land for the twelve-member family Marjanovic from the village Petrovo near Prijedor. The family consists of father Drasko, mother Mira and their ten children: Dragana (1993), Suzana (1996), Marko (1998), Zeljka (2000), Jelena (2001), Dragan (2002), Zeljko (2004), Predrag (2007), Svetlana (2010) and Nenad (2012). We have helped the family several times before by providing groceries, chainsaw, beds for the youngest ones and water pump.

The idea of buying the land was presented during our first visit to the family in 2010, but due to the unresolved property issues and slow procedures of the courts, it couldn’t be realized until now. The land of 4.122m2 surface is next to the house of the family. The family was farming there for a long time and paying the symbolic price to the owner.


When the owner decided to sell the land, the Marjanovics sold the cow and raised a loan and paid 2.500 KM to the owner, while our organization undertook the obligation to pay the rest of the money – 1.622 KM (the total amount was 4.122 KM) and all the expenses of land transfer.

The costs of the action were 2.416,83 KM:

1.622 KM – the rest of the money for the land
250 KM – parceling of the land
298,35 KM – notary
246,48 KM – fees for the Administration for Geodetic and Property-Legal Affairs

The significance of the land for a family living in the village is huge. The Marjanovic family has resolved their great concern of providing food for their children, and breeding of cattle.

We use this opportunity to transmit the words of thanks of the Marjanovic family and call upon all the donors to continue supporting the work of our organization in order to realize as much actions as possible, and thus provide help for the families with many children and enable them easier life and bring hope for a better future.

With faith in God!
Serbs for Serbs Republic of Srpska

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