January 22, 2015

Bunk beds for little Mandics

Report: C.O. Friend’s hand /ACCOUNT/
Charity organization SERBS FOR SERBS helped seven-member Mandic family in the form of bunk beds with mattresses in the amount of RSD 37,300. Help was delivered to Cerenje, near Baljevac, in cooperation with friends from the organization “Friend’s hand” from Raska. Mandic family lives in a humble little house, quite old, which is not even their own. Mother Natasa lives with her children Milica (20), Katarina (13), Natalija (12) and Djordje (9), and works as geronto-housewife, and supports her family with her modest salary, which amounts to less than 20,000 dinars. Grandma and grandpa live together with their daughter and grandchildren.



The oldest daughter Milica, enrolled in the second year of college, at the expense of the budget, lives in a dorm and if she was not such a good student, her education would be impossible. Katarina, Natalija and DJordje go to primary school every day on foot. Snow and winter, which are coming soon, are not expected with too much joy in their house, due to the distance of school.



While visiting the family by volunteers from the organization “Friend’s hand”, in conversation with the little ones, we learned that they want new beds. With the help of workers from the furniture store “Iver” from Raska who helped in transporting and setting the beds, who also donated the fourth mattress to the family, little children received four new beds.


From mother we found out that the children were eager to get new beds, and they were expecting us every day and that even when grandfather recently asked what to buy them as a gift, they said that they wanted new linens for new beds. We hope that this gift will brighten up winter days and nights, and in particular their modest dreams.


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