December 30, 2016

Built loft for Milunovics

Members of Charity organization Serbs for Serbs visited seven-membered family Milunovic in Belgrade suburb Umka consisting of father Bojan (38), mother Ruzica (36) and children Luka (7), Marija (5), Marta (4), Lazar (2) and the youngest Kiril (8 mounts old) who thanks to donation of Church and school municipality of Gracanica from Windsor, Canada secured resources for complete equipment of the loft on the house. Total value of delivered aid in construction material and paying workers is 674.806 RSD. Marija, Lazar, Marta, Kiril and Luka Milunovic in their home The look of the loft during the first visit of the organization in May 2016 Deals before the beginning of construction works with representatives of the organization Place for future bathroom

Milunovics were subtenants until four years ago in Zarkovo with two children, but because of their parents, good people and Gods help they bought a lot in Umka and started building of family house in which seven of them lives now. Bojan works in city transport as a driver, mother Ruzica is a religion teacher in Primary school “Ujedinjene nacije” in Cerak, and have a parental allowance of 14,000 dinars for the fourth child. Sadly, they don’t have the rights to have a parental allowance because their payments exceed the intended limit for 27 dinars. Construction material delivered – August 2016

Because of big cash expenditures that the family had for building and equipping a house, and spreading the family, they couldn’t equip the loft with kid’s room and a little bathroom. Currently, all seven of them are settled in two rooms. Two roof windows delivered for the bathroom Roof windows placed The beginning of placing thermal isolation on the roof and walls Work in progress – September 2016

Of all planned construction works we did: loft was isolated with thermal isolation, on external and partition walls we put plasterboard and painted them, conducted electricity in all rooms and bathrooms, placed room doors, and in the bath we made water installations and the sewer network, set up the tiles and toilets, with the two roof windows. Finished works on building kid’s rooms – December 2016 Marija and Marta in their new room All water, electrical and ceramic works in the bathroom done The youngest Milunovics were the happiest in their new bathroom The youngest Kiril and his brother Lazar talking to representatives of an organization Family Milunovic sands great thanks to donators from Windsor, Canada and members of Charity organization Serbs for Serbs on secured help in form of construction material for needs of finishing equipping loft of their family house so their children could get normal conditions for life and growing up. We invite all donators to support the work of our organization with donations so the aid could get to the other large families all across the Balkans.

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