December 31, 2016

Built house for the Strajnić family from Kać

Action to help the Strajnić family from Kać still continues. At the moment we are collecting funds for equipping the household with basic appliances and furniture for children's rooms, dining room and living room, so we are CALLING AND APPEALING ALL THE DONORS AND FRIENDS TO GET INVOLVED IN THIS PROJECT and to help them to enter their new home by the day of Sretenje (15 February). The layout of house of the Strajnić family – September 2016 The Strajnić family in their living room Start of the demolition of the old house – 17 November 2016 – video Foundations for a new house – excavated Concreting Workers were quick to move on to the construction of the walls Installing the roof structure Gutters, tiles, windows and doors set Interior works on bringing electrical and power networks Laminate flooring, sockets and light bulbs installed Installed tiles in the kitchen part View of the entrance hall, two children’s rooms and the entrance to the bathroom New living room Igor Rašula, President of the organization, in a chat with the main worker Simo Knežić and mother Gordana about the further work on connecting homes to water and electricity network Entrance hall Entrance to the bathroom Installed tailings, sanitary equipment, boiler and electrical installations There is a space in the attic of the house for three separate rooms that can be built if the family needs it one day.


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